SKC & RCC Challenge freebies!

Oh my!  It was so cold last week and it was 90°F yesterday evening by 7:00 pm!  This crazy weather, but I am NOT complaining, mind you.  LOL  I LOVE IT!

Ok, let's get down to business... Hope everyone is having a great week, and TY to all of you who have dropped in to say hi and to download any of my shares.  I hope to get more consistent with my shares, but we shall see. :-)  I would like to get back to sharing something at least once a week. LOL

Here goes...if you would like ANY of the recipe cards we make at DSS-RCC, you will need to go to the forum at the Recipe Card Challenge group so you can participate as well as enjoy the cards from all of the others who do, too!

This month [May] is all about KIDS, we are to pick a recipe [s] that we made with our kids when they were little, or that we made with our grand kids then share it.  The kit that Maurine made for the challenge is so cute!  I will definitely be making yet another recipe card or 2...lol  I love this group, it is perfect for me! LOL
Maybe now I will be able to get more of my 8x10 Recipe pages made and put up to share with you all.  This is a great incentive for me. :-)

I scrapped a recipe that the kids and I made when they were smaller.  It's called Applesauce-Spice Cookies.  These are so yummy!  They are like a 3" round spice cake.  Yes, they are soft and the texture is like a cake!  I took it further and made a Cream Cheese icing to put on top.  Later down the road, when the kids became teens, I learned that the ROYAL ICING works best, as it DRIES and they are not so messy...LOL
OH...one more thing, I have to tell you this one thing.  When the boys got into Junior High and High School, I found out after they graduated of course,  they use to take these cookies to school and sell them to their friends for .50 each!  YIKES!  That was back in the 1980's too!  That was a little high, don't you think? LOL  Anyway, I guess their friends thought they were good too!  Here I thought my boys were devouring them! LOL

Remember, whenever you are baking, don't forget, let your little ones put the ICING on the cookies & cakes...and most of all, let them help with the clean up...you know... lick the batter and icing off of your beaters and the bowl! LOL  Like AVA, below...
 She's loving every little bite of the meringue that was left on these beaters!

 She even had to clean the spatula off for me!  It's a good thing I use Bleach in my dish water! LOL

Yep, she got the job done, now my beater and spatula is clean, not to mention, she cleaned out the mixing bowl too! :-)  That's my girl! LOL

Now on with the SHOW...lol  I almost forgot!  I got so wrapped up in this recipe card thing!  I am sharing yet another part of the JUST BEACHY kit I made for the SKC group, you can also visit the forum, too.  I know a lot of us are NOT into Alphas so much, but once you get into scrapbooking, digital or hybrid,  you will find yourself using these more and more!  At least I am! LOL  So, today you will be getting the 1st part of the elements I made for my kit.  And, next week I will be sharing the alpha's with you...lol  Got y'a!  You thought I was leading up to giving Alphas today, huh?  LOL  Nope, that's next week. LOL
Here's the preview of what you are getting today...
If you like what you are seeing and would like to snag this kit, you can grab it HERE.  Be sure you keep watching my blog for the rest, there are 2-more elements zips and of course the Alphas and I made a few QP's as well.  If you don't want to miss when I post, please sign up to my NEWSLETTER, you will only be notified when I POST, no other time. :-)

I think that's it for today, sorry it took me so long to post.  The weather has been GREAT this week and I have been busy around the house and of course working on recipes. :-)  Take care and I hope to see you again soon.  God Bless you all and keep you safe.  Hugz <3


Kathy's Scraps said...

Awesome recipes and thanks for the first part of your wonderful elements for the SKC kit. I have to put my together and get it posted this weekend. Been back to work this week and am exhausted every night, so not doing much!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 2 post on May. 04, 2012. Thanks again.

Bridgitte said...

Thank you for your freebie! I'm heading to the store and adding some items from your recipe!! Perfect timing! Thank you too for sharing your music and love of the Lord on your page!!