My 1st Recipe Page & a Freebie QP_EDITED

OMG, is this going to be a habbit? I sure hope so. LOL Yes, I am back again! :-)
Today is Sunday, that seems to be the best time for me to post. :-) It's usually my day to take it easy.

I'll try not to be too windy, but here's a little reminder, just to let you know I am NOW working on my Scrapbook Cookbook. When it's finished, I hope it will be a legacy for my children and their children. It's not necessarily MY OWN recipes, but my favorites. Some I have gotten from others and probably revised them to my liking, so in a sense, I guess they are mine after all. ;-) But then, maybe not, whose splitting hairs? LOL It's just a "family" cookbook. :-) No biggie, right? Or is it? LOL You decide. :-)

OK...enough of that. I am going to be posting PREVIEWS of what I ended up with, and of course you are all welcome to DOWNLOAD the QP's I make for each page. Use it for YOUR OWN recipes. The hard part will have been done, you just need to put your own recipe and photos in. And...a little FYI, you find a recipe you particularly like...SHOOT ME AN EMAIL...you might be surprised. *wink* I'm not hard to get along with. :-)

Today, I am sharing my recipes/QP's I made using 2-kits by Kim Cameron of Daisies & Dimples, Digital Scrapbooking Heaven. Kim is an awesome designer and a wonderful friend. TY Kim so much for allowing me to use your kits for my designs. :-) OH, be sure you drop by her blog too...YOU'LL be GLAD you did, I know I always am. *wink*

The first & third QP's are made from Kim's kit, APPLE PICKIN
The 2nd QP is made from both kits, Apple Pickin and KISS THE COOK
Kiss the Cook

Aren't these GREAT KITS? I just fell in love with them when I saw them...and I KNEW what recipe I was going to scrap with each of them. Now, I must admit I had no clue that I would be using BOTH kits to make one of my pages, I even surprised myself. :-)
Be sure you visit her store and check these great kits out and more...also, there are MANY designers there too! :-) Grab a cup of whatever and plan to stay awhile. :-)

Today I am sharing my recipe preview of my 'APPLE CRISP (my favorite)'

And for you, if you like this layout, you can get the matching QP by clicking on the preview of the QP#2 below.

I have another for you today from this same kit and I used pieces from the other kit by Kim called KISS THE COOK! What a clever name for such a cute kit! LOL

This one I used for my "Southern Apple Cobbler".
and if you would like this Quick Page#3... click on the preview image below.
There's one more Recipe from Kim's kit, called KISS THE COOK.
I think it was perfect for my "Chicken n Noodles" page. Check it out for yourself.
See what I mean? Cute kit, huh? I can see me using more elements from these kits for other recipe pages! *wink*

If you want this QP#1 just click HERE. :-)

I hope you enjoy these pages I've shared with you today. I am a little rusty at this so please bear with me. (4-shared and blogger have changed so much, but I'll get it. )
OH...this was so confusing trying to show you both the layout [LO] I made for my recipe and the quick page [QP] I used for the download. I think next time, I'll just share the RECIPE LO and let you click on that for the Download. :-) What do you think? Call me lazy, or just call me confused....LOL (getting old...hehehee)
My point is, if you get the wrong page in your download...PLEASE let me know in an email, so I can fix it. I'm hoping there's no mistakes. :-)

If I get time this week, while Ava is sleeping, I might be scrapping more recipes. I do have my Southern Peach Cobbler LO/QP ready to go, I just need to make the cobbler again, ummmm Pssst...someone forgot to take photos the last time it was made. LOL
YES...I intend to use PHOTOS in all of my pages, at least 1 if not more. :-)

Take care, and maybe I will see you all again soon. Keep checking back, and thank you for dropping by.
God Bless you and keep you safe until next time. :-)

PS...I don't know if I said or not, but ALL QP's you download are for PU-USE ONLY. I use elements and such from other wonderful designers as well as my own creations and I can NOT give you CU for these. Only the ELEMENTS I design myself will you have CU-USE for. I just thought I might mention that little thing. :-) I don't want any of us getting into any kind of issue from this. :-)

Again, I am sooo sorry for my error. I did not varify this, I trust you when you tell me there is a mistake. I just deleted all the zips and started fresh, and re-linked the previews. :-) I hope to see you again real soon. :-)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Feb. 06, 2012. Thanks again.

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Thank You!
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Thank you for sharing your work. I like it

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Hello and Thank you for the recipe downloads, they look great...