FYI! Fixed LINKS for QP's. Thanks for letting me know!

OH NO! It seems my PREVIEWS don't have the correct downloads! I am fixing that now. TY for letting me know about this. I told you I was rusty and these programs have made some big changes since I last used them. No excuse...I will get it. :-)

I am so sorry for your trouble. Please bear with me? Thanks :-) Oh, you can NOW go back to my previous post and the LINKS have been fixed, you should get the correct corresponding QP to match the picture. :-) They actually run...QP2, QP3 and QP1 is the last one. I STILL was NOT able to attach to the last preview! The download is above the preview..you will see it.
Go figure! LOL
OK... LINKS HAVE BEEN FIXED AND the edited post has been RE-POSTED. TY for letting me know!

Also...just a reminder I added to the bottom of my last post...
PS...I don't know if I said or not, but ALL QP's you download are for PU-USE ONLY. I use elements and such from other wonderful designers as well as my own creations and I can NOT give you CU for these. Only the ELEMENTS I design myself will you have CU-USE for. I just thought I might mention that little thing. :-) I don't want any of us getting into any kind of issue from this. :-)

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