Happy New Year, and "Snowy Wishes" to you! [freebie]

Good January 2, 2010 to you all!

I hope you all are having a good start for a GREAT New Year! Did you have a good New Year's Eve? We did, we spent the evening at my youngest son's house, and boy did we have fun! We actually played "Family Feud" [made for the Wii]. That was a whole LOT of fun! If you haven't tried it...you really should! We girls teamed up against the guys...talk about funny! It surly was!! ROFL!!! Not to mention food...there was so much GOOD food...and the boys made chicken in the Turkey Deep Fryer...YUMMMMMY! I liked it better than KFC!!! And I LOVE-LOVE my KFC chicken! You have got to try it, if you never have. They made HOT WINGS too...and there was 3-different chip dips, too. I made a Taco Dip for Doritos or Tosteedos and a Fruit Dip for the kids. (What's that you ask... it's YUMMY too! You eat it with graham crackers, 'Nilla Waffers or even cookies...anything sweet. LOL) It taste like Banana Pudding when eaten with those little Chocolate Chip Bears! Or even with the 'Nilla Waffers! Ok...enough of that!

Moving in....lol
It would seem I am STUCK in the SNOWMAN mode...as I made yet another one to share with you all...and yep...I made a Layered Template of it, too...so you can easily colorize it to suit your fancy! LOL Anyway...I wanted to share this with you, and I hope you can use it.

OH...before I forget...I did REVISE my CU-TOU...PLEASE do read it. :-)

Here's a preview of today's FREEBIE (the one already made for you to use...and a bonus is included with it...*wink*)

and if you would like this LITTLE GUY...you can snag him HERE
[bonus is included in the zip *wink*]

and YES...I finally remembered to make 2-different versions of templates...PSD and PSP. :-)
Here's a preview of the templates...

If you would like to have the templates...you can download PSD-HERE and PSP-HERE

As always, I would LOVE to hear your feedback on my work...but it is NOT required. I do appreciate those of you who leave me a TY and even take the time to just email me to say Hello. :-) I just love it, when you do that! *hugz*

If ever there's anything you would like made special, and you want to see if I can make it...[I am open for suggestions]...just send your request to me via: Email....[psssst....my EMAIL is on the upper right side of my page] and I would be more than happy to give it a try. :-)

Have a great Saturday/weekend...see you when I see you. Who knows when that will be? lol
God Bless you and keep you all safe, 'till next time. *wink*


Anonymous said...

I am not a "blogger" just a "blog follower" and I wanted to tell you thanks for the wonderful graphics.
Happy New Year.


makeyesup said...

Thanks for all the snow people and ginger bread kids. They're super. Haven't hit the blogs as I was tied up finishing my family calendars which are a few days late. Oh well, that's life. Sorry to hear your back has been acting up, hope you get relief soon. Don't overdo. Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Craftymumz Creations said...

LOVE the templates!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

michelle said...

Thanks so much for the snowmen, I love them :)
Have a good time moving in to your new place. It's the packing that stinks and the unpacking that is so much fun!