HAPPY NEW YEAR_and a Snow Lady for you!

Can you believe it, it's almost the END of 2009! Where did this year go? I do hope you all will be safe during this holiday, and I wish you a Blessed and prosperous year to come.

As most of you know, I have a back injury, and there are times my back won't let me do much, other than sit around or just lie around. These past few days have been one of those days. It's good for you, because I can't stand to just lie around doing NOTHING...so I play in PSP. LOL

Today I was playing with a drawing I had done a few weeks ago. I think she turned out a bit cute. You judge for yourself. Of course she looks better after I re-drew her in PSP, opposed to what I had on paper! LOL
I made a template and left it in Layers, all you have to do is select the LAYER and then COLORIZE...it's that easy. This is the FREEBIE I made from it and giving to you, in case you would rather not use the template to make your own...


you can download her HERE

and if you would prefer to colorize your own using my template....


You can download it HERE

I was able to colorize mine in such a short time, so I know it works. LOL ENJOY!

As always...anything I make myself is CU to you, but it is not to be used for resale. By that, I mean you can not use my template to design with and then sell what you made from it in any stores. You can use my template to design with, if you are planning to give it away as a freebie.
All I ask is that you PLEASE do not share my templates, I would prefer you send people to my blog to download for themselves. :-)

Have a GREAT NEW YEARS EVE...and I'll see you Next Year!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

gypsyrose said...

Thank you she is really cute,
will look good on my Christmas scrap layouts,
happy new year

Peggie said...

Thank you. They are so cute.