Good Morning...& a couple of Freebies!

Good Morning!
I surprised myself, actually! My back gave me "fits" yesterday, so I pretty much sat around or laid around most of the day. I little Ava in the afternoon, and that was so nice! She is just too cute! I'll have to upload another photo of her (a more recent one...lol) She is not 2 months old and smiling and trying her best to talk! LOL That is such a precious age, don't you think?

Anyway, while sitting around yesterday, I worked on a sister for my Gingerbread Boy,

Gingerbread Girl...

soooo, what do you think? Someone had mentioned that they liked my Gingerbread Boy, and felt with the hearts he could be used for Valentines...do you agree? Personally, I think the girl and the boy both could be used for either Christmas or Valentines. LOL You decide. LOL
If you like this little girl and would like to have her you can grab her HERE.

And... I have revised my Gingerbread Boy 02, too. What do you think?

The only thing I changed was his eyes. I added the hearts to match hers. If you like him, you can download him HERE.

NOW...here's the best part...I also made these into Templates...I left them in layers so you could take away, or move around...or just colorize to whatever you like... I hope you can use these and enjoy!
If you like these templates....
Gingerbread Kids Templates

You can snag them HERE

I am sooo sorry, BLUECAT brought to my attention that my template was only in PSP format...I did FORGET TO SAVE THIS AS A PSD image as well. TY Sweetie for bringing this to my attention. And I apologize for missing that.

for PSD FORMAT.... (for Photo Shop)

You can grab them HERE...
PLEASE-PLEASE, whenever you find I have possible omitted or forgotten something, PLEASE do as BlueCat did, and let me know about it. :-) It can't hurt...right? After all, I am NOT perfect. So I am told....rofl. Seriously, we all make mistakes...especially me! LOL

As always, I hand drew everything you see...so you are welcome to CU/CU or just for your own personal use. PLEASE don't use my work for resale, always give back, anything that is made by me, is always CU/CU but never for resale.

I'm pretty sure this is all you will see if me until 2010...Enjoy! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and be safe. May God Bless each and every one of you and Keep you SAFE throughout the season and the coming NEW YEAR, too.


Anonymous said...

thank you, you are such a wonderful designer and all your freebies are much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

BlueCat said...

Thank you very much for these fabulous templates.

Happy New Year!

BlueCat said...

Oh I didn't see there were .pspimage, so :( I can't open them, sorry. Thanks anyway for all the great freebiee you share with us.

Candie said...

Oh BlueCat, I am so sorry, I just forgot to save a format in PSD format. I use PS myself sometimes...yet, I forget, PSD is usuable in PSP and PS...I'll try to do better in the future...but anytime you see this ERROR on my part...PLEASE do as you did..and Call me on it. LOL I really appreciate you doing that. :-) TY so much! It's now been added if you want to try to download again...It's under the PSP format. :-) TY for visiting my blog, too! :-)

soffy said...

Thanks a lot!!!!

BlueCat said...

Oh! Thank you very much for this delicious update. This is so nice. Hugs from France.