Happy NEW YEAR! and 1-last Freebie this year!

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know it wasn't what some hoped for, and better than expected for others. In this house, if we were all together and healthy, it was a wonderful Christmas for us. We had a nice dinner and actually exchanged gifts too. I was surprised by my kids and their wives, they got me really nice gifts (as they always do *wink*). I really was NOT expecting anything from them this year, but expecting them to put the money on the grandkids instead, you know? Like I said, it was a very nice day. YES, I remembered to be thankful for the REAL REASON, and that is the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. He truly is the reason for this wonderful holiday. :-)

I am not having New Years Eve at my house this year....yeaaa, my DIL, Tiffany is having it! She is just a sweetie. I really appreciate that she and Travis is doing the celebration at their house this year. I guess Travis wants to try his hand at Deep Fried chicken wings or something like that. LOL I know it will be good as he is really good on the grill. All 3 of my sons do a great job when it comes to grilling. :-) Now they need to teach that to mom! [roflmbo]

Anyway, I was thinking of giving you one more gift before the end of the year...and I was playing with this version of a gingerbread boy. I do hope you like him. OH...there are 2-versions in this zip, hopefully you can use one of them.


He is different, isn't he? LOL
If you like this one and want to download it, you can grab it HERE .
[12-29-09 Link is now fixed...sorry about that.]
Pssst, if I get time, I am going to try to make him a sister...Keep checking back to see. *wink*

TY all for the wonderful comments you have been leaving. I really appreciate that. I'm sorry if you didn't get a chance to download the kit I offered, but I did say for 24-36 hours. There was a reason for that. :-) Maybe next time, huh?

OH, before I go... remember to browse my blog for this past year, as I will begin removing the links sometime in January to make room for more goodies in 2010! Wow...is it almost that time already? 2010, that sounds so strange! I hope this is a better year for ALL OF US than what 2009 was. I hope it is a prosperous year for all as well. May God Bless you all and Keep you Safe in your travels.

See you all NEXT YEAR! ROFL!!! :-) Actually next week or so...lol


Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Rilda Peel said...

Hello dear one, Just wanted to say "May 2010 be a year to thrive not only survive. God touch each one of your family with His love that heals and brings blessings beyond measure." Lovingly, rilda *U*

Candie said...

TY Rilda, and I wish the same for you and your family too.

TY both for dropping in to my blog. I really appreciate it...and a special thanks for taking the time to say hello or thank you. :-)