Good Morning...I have GOOD NEWS!

Good Morning! Most of you who know me...already knows I am in the process of MOVING again! Actually it begins this Friday! Everything is moving much too fast for me! I am happy about it...but it's still going to fast!

We purchased a new home recently, and now moving day is upon us! I haven't even gotten everything UNPACKED from our move to here! I'm sooooo glad of that, now!

For those of you who haven't see the photos yet, you can keep up with the photo Posts here...on my Face Book
Or you can wait & view them as I get time to post them here on my blog. :-)
Here are some photos of the OUTSIDE of the house.

This is the front view, and no....[these are not our vehicles, they must belong to the people who moved from the house]. :-)

Here's a FULL view of the Back of the house...

and this one is a better view taken from the left side of the house

As you can see, there are 2-decks on the back...YEAAAA! Thne one on your left is off of the Master Bedroom and the one on your right is off the Dining Room. There's no path going from one deck to the other, YET. But I plan to put one down. Either a 12" patio block path or we will be pouring a cement walk. I'm not sure yet which one. Then I plan to make a Flower Garden between the walk and house, with a Pond/Fountain in the center of the garden or closer to the Master Bedroom deck. We are going to have a few of the trees taken out as well. Too much shade is not good for the grass, you know. There are some bare spots because of it.
Right now, Jr and I are having a disagreement over the one tree that is at the EDGE of the Dining Room deck. You see, there is a Hickory Nut tree there...and I want to leave it. He wants to cut it down. We'll see who wins out. LOL

Anyway, this is one of the reasons I have not posted in a while...and I wanted to let you know, I probably won't post again for at least a month. :-( It will be about like when I moved here 3-months ago. :-( But I'm sure you all understand that it takes time to move & unpack. LOL

I have been working on a kit for a challenge for SKC (Scrap Kit Challenge).
The theme is called Artic Blast. I just don't think I'll make the deadline, maybe.... It's almost finished...so I will try to find time to finish it today. If I don't get it done today, it won't make the challenge...but you will be able to get the links to the other participants' shares at the forum. The best part is...YOU DON'T have to register to be able to snag the finished portions. Isn't that cool?
If you are interested...and I hope you are, there are kits waiting on you from Dec and I think Nov still posted...(the links, I mean. lol) anyway, check it out here...SKC
OH! and btw...this is a great place to just HANG out if you want to learn digi-scrapping or just PLAY and share! Be sure you check it out. *wink* Hurry on over and visit them..and tell Kathy that Candie sent you. :-) *wink*

Now, you KNOW I am not going to LEAVE you hanging until I get back...so I am sharing a SNEAK PEEK at my portion of this awesome Challenge. If I don't make the deadline, I will still share this kit when it's finished...I just hope I get it finished in time.
Here's a preview of what I'm sharing with you today...

Artic Blast Scene01_HERE

A special thanks to Alo Deszins for the Snow Angel script...:-)
and to Scrap and Tubes [Zaza] for the pines and fence to make this cute little scene. TY so much ladies for allowing me to use these in my design.

Remember, you can not sell anything I share, without written permission from me. And I am speaking of the items that I MAKE MYSELF, not items made from other designers' work. Always read the TOU's included with the downloads.
I hope that's not too confusing. If so...email me. :-)

Wish me luck on my move...and next time I come back, I'll have a NEW BLOG background and probably even another FREEBIE or two. :-)

God Bless you all and keep you safe, I'll see you all when I get back! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

Thnaks for the Freebie, the house looks great. I feel you about moving, for awhile while doing the school thing I moved half to 3/4 of my stuff every 8 months. Think a lot before you cut down the big trees, shade on the house during the summer can save big $$ on air conditioning and trees that size take 15 to 20 years to do the job and grass takes alot of water. But its your house do what you want to make it into what you and yours need - LianeZ

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list