OH MY GOSH! I was tagged again! TY so much Michelle of Crafty Scraps for this wonderful AWARD. TY so much Michelle for thinking of me...this is a real honor! *m'wah!*

And now, Drum Roll Please.......I need to return the compliment to 10 deserving bloggers. OMGosh! How can I do this? There are so many wonderful, creative, designing bloggers on the web...and I LOVE them ALL! So...I'm just going to pick some of the last blogs that I have visited recently and try to NOT pick someone I've given an award to in the past. Does that make sense? Maybe you too, will stumble onto some NEW and WONDERFUL blogs along the way, just like I did! :-)
Be sure you visit ALL of these wonderful blogs...YOU'LL be soooo glad you did! :0)

I had a wonderful time visiting these ladies, and I SNAGGED some really nice goodies there too! Thank YOU ALL for the wonderful shares I was able to snag!! Now it's you guys' turn, Have fun!

As promised earlier this week to give you a new miniture kit...as in small in size...lol...I did finally finish the kit I was working on...and I called it.. "Happy Harvast"_Badge Holder Brag Book mini kit for you.... [wooosh....say that 10-times FAST!!!]....so to cut it short, let's call the kit...HH-BH_bb....isn't that better? lol
OK...enough of that... Here's the kit...if you like it...click on the PURPLE download button below the previews. And don't forget to leave some love if you do. *hugz* :0)
Happy Harvest elements...

Here's the Preview for the Happy Harvest papers...

and if you like what you see and want to give these a try,
and as always here.

, this kit is very small, it was designed to fit 975ppi x 750ppi [badge Holders] to make a cute little brag book. Like this one...

Badge Holder brag-book, by Sharon Jenkins and the kits she used to make her pages were made by Melissa of Sentimental Style.

Again, I can not thank Sharon J enough for letting me know about this project, and for sharing her pages with us. Did you grab them from my last post....no? If not, you need to go get them. At least give these a try, you just might like them as much as Sharon and I do. :-)

Until next time, God Bless you all and keep you safe. See you when I see you. *wink* :0)

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scangel said...

thank you for a lovely kit. now i can do some fall tags without the hassle of resizing things.