HH-Badge Holder QP's_Freebies

Wow, what a wonderful response to these! TY to all of you who left me comments, they are appreciated and I heard you! And now, you asked for it...and it's paid off! I have not had time to make anymore QP's yet (still cleaning out my pc...lol), but I decided to share with you those I made to scrap my Grand-babies with. If you like these and want to download them....Click on the PURPLE button below. :0)
HAPPY HARVEST ....Portrait-Badge Holder QP's

OH! I almost forgot...I took a couple of quick photos of the EMPTY BB's as I was making them. Just to share with you what I was talking about...how I assembled them, I mean.



Aren't these adorable? I just love that little bow on top. The nice thing is...you can use any color of ribbon to match your pages...and they cost under 1.00 for the hole REEL. Since I used to do crafts, I have PLENTY of these. LOL
I have NOT printed mine out yet...but I plan to make time to do that today. If / When I get it done, I'll take a pic to show you. UNLESS....you make one before me. LOL

I hope you can use these...and I would LOVE to see your books. :0) Please share with us...either send a preview to me via: cm09creations@gmail.com or share the link where you have posted them. Have fun...and KEEP THOSE COMMENTS COMING... let me know how I'm doing. *wink*
Take care, and until next time, God Bless you all and Keep you safe. Remember to keep those less fortunate as you in your prayers, too. Vi, If you are reading this, my prayers are with you and your family. My heart is saddened of your news, and my love is with you. *hugz* I'll email you shortly.

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scangel said...

wish i had something like this when i was making 40+ 2.5x3.5 tags for a birthday party.

i love the taggers size scraps but don't see much in the way of things like this to help when you get down to the wire like i did.

thank you for sharing them.