Good Morning, I am BACK! :-)

First, let me say Thank You to all of you for being so patient and understanding of my absence. It was almost impossible for me to do everything I had to do this summer and still be able to sit here "faithfully" to try to get something done in PSP, too. *hugz* TY All Soooo much! :-)

I haven't finished what I'm working on to share with you, but soon. *wink* Keep checking back or just sign up for my NEWSLETTER to be notified when I do post. That way, you won't miss a thing. :-)

Today, I wanted to share something SPECIAL with you all. Debee Dezines has opened her very OWN store and will be selling her Scripts, Kits, and all of her other designes in her store. This means a HUGE savings will be passed on to 'YOU', the customer!!! Isn't that the greatest thing ever?!!! And it's come at a fantastic time, too....especially during this "crunch" time in our economy. TY Deb for doing this!! *m'wah*!!
If you don't believe me... do the COMPARISON SHOPPING for yourselves. :-)
Deb sells at all of these stores....
All My Scrap
Treasured Scraps
and of course DeBee Dezines
This is THE PLACE TO SHOP (now) *wink*

So, what are you waiting for? Doors are open 24/7.....LOL You can "Shop Till You Drop", there are no long lines to wait in! *wink* And......you can even shop in the comfort of your own home! How cool is that? lol Hurry! Beat the MAD RUSH!! (yet never be trampled on....LOL)

I was playing around with some SHAPES again...lol and I made this cute little DOGGIE BONE...SNAG it if you like ... :-) Don't forget to leave me some "love'n" if you do. :-)

....CU allowed :-)

If you want these, you can snag them by clicking on the color of your choice, or both. *wink*

I am also planning to concentrate more on learning Photoshop [PS], you will be getting more CU items to use, as I make things while learning. :-) Won't that be cool? lol I don't expect to make a KIT anytime soon, but you never know. LOL

That's all I have for you today, be good and stay safe. Remember to keep us all in your prayers. **HUGZ** Everyone could use a prayer said for them, no matter what the reason is, right? :-) God Bless you all. The Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll see you all NEXT TIME. :-)

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Sylvia said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I love them!