Berry Basket Sticker Freebie_CU allowed

OM Gosh! I am actually posting twice in one day! What is happening?!! ROFL :0)

I was going through my files (trying to organize and maybe do some much needed BACKUP) when I ran across this cute little sticker. I know it would have been GREAT for summer...but hey, you can still use it...especially on those "end of summer" picnic photos...right? :0)

I made these berries using a script by ALO DEZINES and I made the basket myself...I know....KEEP TRYING, hehehe.

Berry Basket sticker....

if you would like this one you can grab it in 2-different formats... PNG and PSD
I hope you can use one or both of them.

OH! Before I forget, my 4Shared is getting full, but I'll keep all PAST links available as long as I can.
Also, this year, I will NOT be deleting my files in NOV as I have in the past. Instead, ALL files for the year 2009 will be deleted on JAN 1, 2010 (or soon after)...so if there are any links you want to snag...I suggest you do that soon. As my 4Shared gets full for this year, the OLDEST files will be deleted first...so be sure you go back to OCT-NOV of this year and work your way forward to today's post if you don't want to miss anything. I won't be RE-POSTING anything that the links are broken on. HOWEVER, special requests might be considered *wink*.

Have a great day...and I'll see you when I see you...may God be with you. :0)

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