Wedding kit-Church_Freebie & a 'Special' Bonus for you, too!

Good Sunday Morning! What better day to share this gift than today? That's right, I was cleaning/organizing some of my folders and files yesterday and found this church! Today, you can have my version of this lovely church. I used a template made by Serenity Dezynes, and if you want to add this church to your collection just here.


I also included a BONUS of this little church by placing the church "back to back" and making one "CORNER CHURCH". So, you get both churches in the download! Be sure you visit Serenity Dezines, You'll be sooooo glad you did! **wink**

Now for today's BONUS! LOL
Naaa, not really...but it is a wonderful addition to the Wedding kit. [if you have been following my post, that is]. When I made the single branch I included it with one of the Wedding kit downloads. Today I am giving you the Cluster I made as well....
[psssst....this was NOT included in the kits]
You can only get this one if you here. :-)

And look! It's a CU item, too! LOL :-)

I think that's about it for the Wedding Series...unless I've forgotten something. If I should run across anymore I'll definitely SHARE with you all! **wink**. Have a wonderful Sunday, the sun is shinning! YES!!!

It's finally stopped raining!! Maybe. :-) It's rained here every day this week, except for Friday and today. We NEED the sunshine. My poor corn has fallen over from so much rain and the strong winds did not help. I sure hope the sun will pull it back up. :-) Yes...it started lifting some of it back up on Friday, then it poured down agian, yesterday...so I can only imagine what my corn looks like now. :-(

Take care, and I'll see you again, soon, I hope. *hugz*


Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just stopping in to see what you've been up to Candie. :) And looks like you have been busy creating lots of beautiful things! :) Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebie - LianeZ

Tineke said...

So cute, thank you