Stamps_Freebies & Sand Bucket [PSD-format]

I feel like such an idiot! I am so sorry to all of you who downloaded the Sand Bucket Template and I forgot to include the PSD format for Photo Shop users. I have since uploaded that version and if you want it in PSD format, You can here.


Remember, if want this template for Paint Shop Pro [PSP format] you can still grab it from my previous post. :-)

Also, I did a training-tutorial last night and I made this STAMP Template for you too... If you want the 2-templates you can here


One has a Shadow Outline, and the other one does not.

If you just want the red and blue stamps for whatever reason, and not the templates...lol
you can here.
[Both are in one zip] and they both have the "Wedding couple in the car" on them, just as you see in the preview, but no personal text, that's for perview purpose only.

Blue & Red Stamps

If you want the stamps that MATCH the wedding kit... then you will want to here.

Please remember to leave me some LOVE if you download. :-)
I really appreciate it when you do and all the wonderful comments you have left for me. I look forward to sharing more with you again in the future! **hugz**

I hope to see you again soon...keep watching for more goodies!

OH...one more thing...my 4shared is getting full...so if you want any of the past downloads from OCT-DEC of 2008...please grab them now, as I will be removing them as I need more space. [If any links are broken (a couple have been reported already *wink*) I will either send them directly to you...or FIX the links]. *hugz*...just let me know which one[s] you want and I will get them to you. :-)
Until next time... HAVE A GREAT DAY! *S*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the freebies-LianeZ

makeyesup said...

wow, all these wonderful gifts this week. Busy babysitting and haven't been on every day, so was pleasantly surprised to see all of this. Noticed that the girl from the wedding kit did not come across as a png. Has this been corrected in the zip file or are you going to reoffer that separately? Thanks for all that you do and share with all of us.

Candie said...

Hi Makeyesup, TY for visiting, and I'm glad I had some nice surprises for you. HOWEVER...I am surprised that the Girl was not a PNG format...are you talking about the girl Sitting down...from the original Wedding mini kit...or the Wedding ADDON kit...raggedy ann type girl or the victorian lady or even the silhouette of a girl? Which one? In both of my kits, everything is PNG format or PSP...but in my GIVE AWAY kits...everything should be png format. If you will tell me which one...I WILL upload separately, rather than make everyone RE-Download the kit...and I WILL fix the kit download too...for future downloads. Make sense? Thanks for bringing this to my attention. KEEP me on my TOES... LOL
Email me...cm09creations@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful, thanks so much for sharing them!

Anesha said...

Thank you for the lovely download. Anesha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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