Sand Bucket_Freebie

WOW! TY all so much for the wonderful comments you have left on about my Wedding kits. I am so honored!! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me your comments. TY sooooo much!

I was playing in PSP last night (trying to relax after having 5 kids most of the day), and while playing with solid SHAPES and different PLUGINS, I came up with this cute little Sand Bucket. Honestly, I didn't start out making anything in particular...but this is what I ended up with. :-)
If you like this one you are welcome to it. It is a Commercial Use item, since I made it from scratch! I left it in Layers, both PSP and PS, all you need to do is colorize it. :-)
If you want JUST the
Sand Bucket TEMPLATE, here

OR...if you just want the cute buckets...(2-versions, one has the Whale in it...and the other one doesn't)

THESE finished Sand Buckets are for PERSONAL USE ONLY, as I did not create the graphics used on them.
I used the kit "PARADISE" by Digi Web Studios to add "LIFE" to my little bucket. :-) If you like what I did, you really need to go visit their store...and I do believe there is a FANTASTIC sale going on right now too...Did someone say $1.00??? YEP, you heard right!... go see for yourselves!

here... Sand Bucket 01 [with the WHALE ]

and here, if you want Sand Bucket 02 [without the Whale].

Confused yet? lol Grab all 3 if you want! LOL Don't forget to leave me some love if you do. *wink*

I'm working on a couple more "element" type things...but I don't know when I will get a chance to get back on here...so just keep checking in, unless you've already signed up for my email notification. Then you will be notified only when I post. :-)

Take care...and I'll see you again next time...hopefully, soon. :-)


clubiani said...

Candie, thanks so much for sharing these cute sand buckets!

Candie said...

Thanks Sweetie, I appreciate the comment and feedback. It helps me in future desgins. :-)