Spring Trellis

Good morning...wow! Posting twice withing 12 hours!! This is very unusual for me! LOL

I am sharing a cute Spring looking Trellis with you that I made using Annie's 4 Corners (Sheila) Trellis and vines and a script "Hibiscus" from Alo Dezigns [lone & Alice]. TY ladies, for allowing me to share this with my readers. YES! Today, this one is a CU item. YEAAAA~ The catch is... you will have to visit these sites and tell them TY, too, for allowing me to share with you. :-) Isn't this pretty?
Enjoy and....

SPRING TRELLIS_by Annie's 4 Corners, Alo Dezigns & Me!

Sheila did a wonderful job designing this trellis, didn't she? She made it from SCRATCH too! Make sure you visit her blog, she has MANY wonderful kits to share with you, too!

That's it for today... except...have you clicked on my Breast Cancer blinkies yet... if not... PLEASE do so... We will ALL be thankful to you, if you do. *wink*

Check back again, real soon...I have yet another freebie I made. I created him last night... playing with vectors and shapes. I think he's a cutie. Who? You'll have to come back to find out. LOL Take care and have a wonderful Sunday! *hugs*

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