Angel Leather Tags in honor of BCA

Hi guys! Did you miss me? Have you been "shopping" via: the net? As in .... Blog train hopping? NO? Are you nuts??!! There are tons of trains going on right now...and these are FREEBIES!! Now...after you get finished here... get those fingers HOPPIN'...I mean blog Hop'n! LOL

Remember I said I was busy working on something...and that I would tell you about it later. If you read my C-BOX you would have read that. *wink*
Anyway, a really sweet dear person and special freind to me, is going through a very bad situation at this time. Some of us designers, (look at me, calling myself a designer.... don't I wish! lol) yes, including me...hehehehe, have gotten together to try to raise some money for Shelle.

You can read all about it HERE. I finally got my part finished and I really hope you all will try to help out too...either by purchasing one or more of the Charity kits called "Love For a Child", or even contributing if you are a designer. Every little bit will be appreciated and definitely will help.
If you would like to see what I made, check this out... [HONEST OPINIONS, PLEASE??]

Love for a Child_Elements
[I know, I've made better previews..but it really is cute!]

and the papers....

And a very special Thanks to Digi Web Studios for her awesome graphics, Shellez Creations, for her overlays, and many more. I've included a SPECIAL THANKS notepad document with the kit. I really appreciate the designers who allow their work to be used in our creations. It really helps to make our kits more FUN! lol

I wish I could share this Charity kit with you, but as I mentioned before, it is for a GOOD cause, so this one will be sold. HINT-HINT :-) So, get on over to Shellez blog and see what you can do to help out...PLEZZZZZZZ? *hugz*

I have been waiting on one special designer [of the final element included in the last part of the "A'hoy Mate" kit] to get her element uploaded to her store. She has had a very hectic week/month, so be patient just a little longer. It's coming, this week, I promise. Maybe as early as tomorrow. LOL So....keep checking back. *wink*

Today, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, I decided to create a couple of tags for you to use. While making this, I was thinking of my new friend, Marilyn [Hi sweetie, if you are reading this :-)], and my sister, Judy. [She already knows I love her...hehehehee]. Anyway...they are both victims of this horrible disease and to honor them and others like them, I wanted to do a little something special. So...here are 2-tags for you all. I hope you can use them...and PLEASE don't forget to go to the bottom - side of my blog and CLICK on the BCA buttons...PLEASE help support this orginazition as it is a VERY good cause and sooooo much needed. I am so thankful for them.

I would like to give special credit to two very special designers, without which I could NOT have made these to share with you, Roseli [rpado] for her awesome action to make the angels with. Thanks Sweetie...these are beautiful!
And also to Kicki of "My Creations" for her wonderful LEATHER TAG. These tags are fantastic! TY for allowing me to use these to create my freebies. :-)

Angel Leather Tags if you want to snag these.

I felt bad waiting as long as I did to get you that last part to my kit...so I decided to make these and share with you for now. I hope you like them and can find some use for them.

Come back and see me again real soon. And don't forget to CLICK on those BCA buttons on the right and GET out there and start SNAGG'N n SHOPP'N~ *m'wah!!*

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