Boys n Girls_Star [wordart]

Hey! Did you all have a wonderful Mother's Day? I sure hope you did! My son's and their families came over and we had a special visitor too! It was Jr's brother and his wife, Stella. Today is their 34th wedding anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Art and Stella! Anyway, after everyone left, Jr and I took them out to eat since we wouldn't get to see them today. :-)

OK... enough of that! :-) I was playing with vectors and Text on a Path this weekend, and I made this little goodie. I hope someone can use it. I thought it would make a cute PHOTO FRAME or border for a star-frame
if you want this one,

Boys and Girls_STAR [Text on a Path]

It says....
[top left to right...]

Little Boys n Girls, of Patches n Curls

Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice
That's what Little Girls are made of

Ships n Snails and Puppy dog Tales
That's what Little Boys are made of

Well, guys, this is a quickie today. It's getting GARDEN planting time...and when that happens, I might not be posting as much. :-( But, it's something we definitely need to keep up on, what with the price of food and all. :-) Take care, and I'll see you when I get something else made to share with you.

OH...I have 1-more share for the A'hoy Mate addon...but I am waiting on the designer of a ribbon I used to post it in her stores. Until then, we just have to be patient. :-) Keep checking back, I just might make one more addon to go with the one I'm waiting to post. *wink*

Take care, HAPPY SCRAPPING! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Loving these, also go the bows while I was here. Thanks for all the freebies - LianeZ