A'hoy Mate-AO Ribbons n Bows

Hi! Are you surprised to see me back? Well, I had planned on taking the weekend off from the pc...and I might still do it.

I got an email from a dear friend yesterday, showing me the LO she had made and I just LOVED it...except for one thing :-) ...it was a GIRL PIRATE...how adorable is that?!!
Anyway...to me...[ pirate or not]... little girls need ribbons n bows. :-)
So... you got it...I made some to go with this kit.

Now, if you've already downloaded "Larry the Lobster, the Beach Umbrella, and the Sailboat", then you have all the Add-on pieces up until today. Today, I am giving you the Ribbons n Bows. I hope you can find good use for them. *wink*
Before I give these to you...I want to share with you Sharon's wonderful page!

Abby the Pirate [Arrrr_A'hoy Mate!]

Now, don't ask me where Sharon would PLACE a ribbon much less a bow...but knowing her as I do, she will figure it out! *wink*
Pssst....I have an idea where I would put it... LOL
Isn't this a cute LO!? TY so much, Sharon, for sharing this with me. I would love to see what you all do with this kit, too. **HINT** :-)

OK... what you have been waiting to see...and maybe download *wink*...
if you want this one

A'HOY MATE Ribbons & Bows

[I want to give a Special Thanks to Digi Web Studio and DeBee Dezines for the use of their scripts and graphics] Without them, This kit wouldn't have turned out to be as nice as it is! TY ladies so much! Also...Thanks to ALL of you wonderful and so very special people who took the time to leave me a comment. Some of you even emailed me privately...and for that, Thank YOU so much! I really enjoyed reading your emails and I love reading your comments you leave on my blog. TY all for being so supportive of me and my blog. You will NEVER know how much that means to me. *hugz*

OH! And because of this, I have made 2-very specail new Internet friends! I so love it when that happens, don't you? You can NEVER have enough friends. *wink*

Have a wonderful weekend...and I really don't think I'll be back before Monday, but.... you never know! Send me your LO's...you might inspire me like Sharon did! LOL
Keep on doing what you do best, and life will hold many wonderful surprises for you! God Bless you all. Come again real soon... K? *Hugz*

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