A'hoy Mate & Sunshine Beach_last parts

Good morning! I made it!!! Today you get the final parts to both kits, A'hoy Mate and Sunshine Beach. YEAAAA! Well, sort'a.... you see, I think I remember a little birdie telling me they saw some addon pieces being made for the A'hoy Mate kit! You might want to keep checking back from time to time...or better yet, if you would prefer, just sign up for my newsletter. It will notify you everytime I post something new. You decide. :-)

Now...for what you've all been waiting for. :-) But first....hehehehee, seriously, let me just say, Thank You to all of you. You have been so kind to leave me some awesome notes and thank you's. I especially want to thank the lady that mentioned a TY for sharing for free as there are a lot of us that can not afford to purchase these kits...and I want to say to her, "You are very welcome" I am glad I can do it for you. (design I mean...lol) I know exactly what she means and believe me, I understand and can relate to it myself. *wink*... TY, all of you, for appreciating my work and saying so. I definitely will keep designing and sharing as long as you keep telling me you want me to. :-) Also, Paintbrushbrown and FaithNHope, TY both so very much. I truly took to heart what you both said and I really appreciate you leaving such wonderful comments in my C-box. I will email you both privately. *big hugs* to you both. :-)

Ok... now you get your pieces...The best parts actually! You will get the final "Yellow" part for the Sunshine Beach kit and the ELEMENTS for the A'hoy Mate kit, too! So... let's get to it! LOL

if you want the final part for Sunshine Beach

Don't forget, there is a TRAIN for this one... and you don't want to miss it... the links are posted SEVERAL POSTS back or you can go HERE. Just scroll down until you get to all the links of the participating designers. If you haven't checked it...you really should! *wink*

And now, Last but not least...lol Drum roll please......*********The Elements for A'hoy Mate!!

If you want these you can

OH! BTW... how do you like the purple CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD button...or do you like the HERE better? You tell me. Now, we'll see who reads and who just downloads. *wink* LOL

And if you use either of these kits to make your LO's, I would LOVE to see your pages! TY so much for visiting me...and TY all for being so supportive!! Come back again real soon...I just might have something for you! *wink*.

I'm thinking of taking the weekend off from the pc....lol But, I'll be back next week.... sometime! lol Then again, maybe I won't take the weekend off... You'll just have to come back to know for sure. *wink*. Have a great weekend!! Enjoy!


joy4evermore said...

Thanks so much for the great kits.
Download buttons are cool and easy to see but the Here link works too!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the final DL for Sunshine Beach & ALL of the AWESOME DLs for Ahoy Mate!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Kit(s) post on May. 08, 2009. Thanks again.

Paper Dolls said...

Thanks for sharing your yellow kit and the elements for the pirate kit. I cannot design anything, I have tried, and so know that it is a lot of work. Thanks for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pirates, I like purple always! Either button or the 'Here' work for me, but like I said I always choose PURPLE!! - LianeZ

makeyesup said...

Wonderful kit, appreciate both of then and the 2 days downloads that I found today. Your work is amazing, thank so much for sharing. And I like the purple download button.

Debb said...

Thank you so much for you part of the Sunshine Beach Blog train!! It is greatly appreciated that you share so freely of your time and talent!! Oh, ns personally I like the purple button, it leaves nothing to the imagination as to where the link is and I would imagine that it would be easier for anyone who is visually impaired!! Thank you again and have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the purple link. It is more obvious to me and makes it easier to find.

Michele said...

Super cute kit!!! Thank you so much for both of them!