Cheekie Mouse [CU]

Good morning, AGAIN! Wow... am I on a roll or what? You better enjoy this while it lasts! *roflmbo!!**

This is going to be yet another short post, maybe I could make this a HABIT! LOL

Today I am giving that "special little guy" to you that I was telling you about yesterday. I started out making him ALL by my little ol'e self...but then, I got stumped. I remembered I KNEW an awesome designer...and thought just maybe she might help me out...and THAT.... SHE DID! Yep! It was Deb of DeBee Dezigns who came to my rescue. And because of Deb, this turned out to be a cutie and not another TRASH item! *wink* THANKS, Deb!!!
Pssst... You can find all of DeBee Dezigns at Treasured Scraps, too! Go check them out for yourselves. There's more than just scripts there, she also has templates and kits and much more!. I just LOVE her scripts! She is a fantastic designer! You can always count on her scripts to be clean and working [in ALL PSP programs from PSP9 to PSP12]! She's got it covered! *wink*

You see, I made the body and face, I even ended up making the tail...but Deb, God bless her, saved me and gave my Cheekie Mouse some arms, hands, legs and feet! Now he's complete!
Not only that...she actually named him [not knowing it at the time...lol]
You see....I was calling him MOUSIE. But she commented in one of her emails to me, that he "Looks like that cute Cheekie Mouse on Tom and Jerry". The Funny thing about this is...that's exactly what I thought, too, when I was making the face!
OK.. now you all decide for yourselves...

if you want this little guy.... here...

CHEEKIE MOUSE_by Candie's Creations and DeBee Dezigns

Now, you tell me...does he, or does he not... look like Jerry Mouse? LOL You be the judge.

I was NOT trying to make Jerry Mouse, just a mouse in general. I was just playing around with vectors and preset shapes in PSP...and this is what I ended up with!

Now...be sure to comment...does he look like JERRY MOUSE to you...or not? That's the challenge/question for today.... *wink* Let's see how many will comment...you are more than welcome to leave your comments in my C-Box on the right hand side, too.

One more thing before I go, DON'T FORGET TO CLICK on the SUPPORT BREAST CANCER FREE screening button below [ on the right].
And everyone, PLEASE, remember "Paintbrushbrown" or Marilyn in your prayers today. She is undergoing Chemo Therapy today.
If you know anyone who had gone through this, or is going through this treatment, then you just might have a small CLUE as to how rough this treatment is. So, please, keep her and all of the others going though this in your prayers. *hug* I pray this treatment will make her cancer free and she will be a SUVIVOR, too!

Take care, and who knows... I just might have something for you all again, tomorrow. :-) OH...I almost forgot, I have not forgotten my promise to you all. The item in question has not been uploaded to the stores yet...so until then, I can NOT post my freebie.
Here's a preview of what's to come...so keep checking back. *wink*
pssst...it's the ribbon on top of the scroll journal.
"Knot Me Ribbon"_by DeBee Dezigns

A'hoy Mate_journal tag [add-on]

So...you see, it's ready to go...I'm just waiting for the OK. *wink*. Deb is so busy these days...with more than just designing...so Let's all be patient...K? I don't see how she does it all! I truly ADMIRE HER! Anyway, keep checking back. As soon as I get the OK...I will share this final piece of the A'hoy Mate Addon with you.
Take care...have a GREAT DAY! :-)

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