Yes, today is December 5th and Tracy's BIRTHDAY. I'm not telling her age, you NEVER ask a LADY her age! Didn't you ever hear that? Well, it's true! [wink] LOL I wrote this POEM just for Tracy. I hope you like it sweetie. It's true! lol
Tracy, I hope this is the "Bestest" Birthday you have ever had! Have a wonderful day today! Love y'a sweetie!
You can visit Tracy at her store too... Groovy Scraps, she and Kim have some AWESOME itmes for you...just waiting for you to GRAB THEM UP! Go see for yourselves. :-)

[pssst... to snag the QP, just click on Tracy's CARD preview.
The QP is just like that, without all the PERSONAL stuff. lol]

So... in honer of Tracy's Birthday... I am sharing another kit I made. The funny thing is, I started out just to make Tracy a Birthday Card... the one you see above. LOL Well, one thing led to another, and you guessed it... an NEW KIT was born. lol I'm calling this one "Happy Birthday" kit. LOL Imagine that! LOL

I made a QP from this one, too. This QP is not your usual QP, it is different, no PHOTO slot, just past your framed photo onto the page...or print and past your photo onto it. You can snag this one as well. Just click on Tracy's card or HERE.

REMEMBER... Click on the Preview for the KIT download.

FYI, I made a couple of pages from this kit for baby Aidan's Birth Announcement.
[Sorry, but at the parent's request, I can not share these with you. I understand how they feel and I respect that].
Trust me, even I was pleased with the way they turned out. The best part, you can COLORIZE these pieces if you want. I turned the original PINK beads into the blue beads you see in the preview. Again, NOT all pieces of this kit are shown in the preview.

And now, I want to say TY to Kim's Scrappin' and Michelle's-Angles for this wonderful AWARD! Wow hit twice with the same award, how awesme is that?! LOL

Hummm, the rules are ....

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 5 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool

I'm passing this one it on to ... [EVERYBODY!!!] LOL Well, since I can only give it away to 5- let me see. OH...guys, I'm trying to NOT pick on the same people...so please don't be hurt if I didn't name you this time...because if you have EVER gotten an award from me, then YOU ALREADY KNOW I love ya...and how much I enjoy your blogs. So...today, I am picking some new people. :-)

1. The Scrappin Cop

Oh what an awsome lady she is... I JUST love her blog and GOODIES. TY for sharing with us!!

2. Jane of JAZZL's Updates [tubes]

[awesome lady... LOVE her tubes!...Jane, get a blog, sweetie...lol]

3. Michelle's-Angels

now you KNOW I had to give this back to you! [hugz]

4. Kim's Scrappin

and you had to know you would get this award back! lol [hugz]

5. Kubivet

Have you ever been to her blog!! OMGosh! What an awesome lady she is! TY so much for sharing with us!!

You ladies ALL RAWK!! TY all for doing the FANTASTIC job you do!

And yes, I got yet another AWARD from KIM's SCRAPPIN' agin! TY so much!!!

After all these awards, how can I EVER say I am NOT LOVED? lol TY so much for this AWESOME honer!

OK.. I must pick some special bloggers...hummm, how do I do that??? OK...I'll try, you are ALL so very special to me... so if I didn't pick you, just know YOU ARE loved and I think you deserve this award as well....so here goes...

1. Art & Scraps [Karel]

Karel, you are and have been a special friend to me and you have always stood by me, through think and thin. TY so much for being my freind! You are in my prayers [as you know why I say that,] just know I love y'a and I'm here if you need me. [hugz]

2. Crafty Scraps [Michelle McCoy]

Michelle, like Karel, you have been a very special freind, and like Karel, you have ALWAYS stood by me. You are a very treasured freind, I am so blessed that you laides have crossed my path! [wink] My prayers are with you [and you KNOW why I say that], I love y'a kid' and I'm here for you if you need me. [hugz]

3. Kathy's Scraps [Kathy of SKC]

Oh what a special lady you are! TY so much for being the friend you have been to me. Anyone who crosses your path will know exactly why I say this. You are a very talented and special person. TY for being a part of my life. [hugz]

4. Tracy's Scraps [Tracy Drane_HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too! ]

Besides saying H-B-Day, yeaaaa! Tracy, what would I ever do without you? You are one of the very special people in my life that I have known for YEARS. Yes, we go way back. You are ALWAYS there for me and my PC. too! lol TY so much for being there for me when I have needed a friend. You are and will always be a special friend to me and I think you know how much I love y'a. [hugz]

5. Passishabby [Maryse Vincent]

Sweetie, you are a VERY special friend. We have had a very special friendship and I cherrish that. You have always been so supportive of me when I needed it. TY so much for being my friend. And you know that as my friend, how much I love and cherrish you, right? [hugz]

It goes without saying, when you visit these ladies, you will see why I gave them these awards! TY all so much for being the person you have been with me. And for all those wonderful and special people in my life that did not get mentioned... YOU are just as wonderful and SPECIAL to me, too. I LOVE you all [hugz]

Well, until tomorrow... I bid you all a GOOD NIGHT. lol Or is it Good Morning...where you are at?! LOL

OH!! YES...you will get the rest of the "T'is the Season" kit tomorrow. I had planned to share it today, but since it IS Tracy's birthday today, and I did make a kit from her card, I decided to share it with you all instead. I hope that's ok with you all. :-)
Take care... and I hope to see you tomorrow. :-)


Tracy said...

WOW!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are such a sweetie!!!! I'm snatchin' up the kit and the qp, and thanks also for the award!

You are special to me too Candie. Big hugs!


makeyesup said...

Birthday kit is adorable and a tribute to a super lady. Thanks for sharing with all of us and you deserve the awards.