See, I am back and with yet another FREEBIE!

Hello everyone... I told you I would be posting alot more. And yes, I am back with yet another FREEBIE for you.
Scrap Kit Challenge (Used to be Ellie's SKC) is having their 1st Anniversary/Birthday...so the folks who are participating in the challenges made a CELEBRATION kit for the NOVEMBER-challenge. Woosh! Say all that 10-times fast!!! Let me catch my breath! LOL
Thanks, Kathy for letting me be a part of this wonderful LEARNING group. If you ever wanted to learn to how to Design your own scrap kits, but wasn't sure of the sizes or how to... then this is the group for you!! This is where I began to learn "MY" how to's, remember my first kit...
"Patchy Fall"

Yep, this was my very first kit...and this is where it was BORN! LOL

There are some awesome people in the FORUM, too, that are more than happy to answer your questions and give you a helping hand when needed. You should check it out! Say "HEY" to Kathy while you are there, too!

Anyway, I made a kit for this challenge...and now I am sharing my results with you all! As always...
CLICK ON THE PREVIEWS for the downloads.

I do hope you like it...and remember, NOT ALL PIECES are shown in the preview....it's too big! LOL
NOW... if you want to see the papers... I made this preview earlier...so the LOGO does not match the one on the elements prevew...HINT...the one with the DOLL is my new one...lol
CLICK on the PREVIEW to get the download for the papers.

Have fun...and I do hope you can use this one, too. I get some comments, but not many, I just have to assume that the downloads speaks for itself?? I am NOT big on mandatory comments...but a simple "hey" is nice sometimes...hint. lol [wink]

OK kids, that's it for today. Keep checking back as I will be posting more and more...and there is a "SPECIAL" goodie waiting to be uploaded... HINT-HINT! lol [Bet you can't figure that one out....lol] Ahhh, you got me... yes...the Elements for the "T'is the Season" kit.....Hummmm, maybe tomorrow, maybe Saturday...you never know! lol All I can say is.... Keep Checking Back! lol [wink]

Till next time...Be good and always remember to pray for others, as there are those worse off than we are. God Bless you all and keep you safe. Big Hugs!


Kristine said...

Hiya Candie!!

Just swinging thru to say Hi and wave!!! Mwah!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

WOW! You have been one busy girl! I just stopped by to let you know that there are a couple of awards on my blog for you! You can find them here

makeyesup said...

Just got to SKC today and saw your beautiful kit. It's so happy looking and I love those sunflowers, thanks for doing this.