Surprise! I have yet another FREEBIE for you!

Yep, I was trying to be quiet like a good little wife...lol (Psssst... hubby works 12 hour nights, yep, 3rd shift, so I need to be quiet so he can sleep. You know...once you are woke up...it's hard to get back to sleep. So that's when I do my pc stuff or bake. LOL). Anyway...I was waiting on our cable guy to come and move my cable to the opposite wall, I had NO ROOM for my Christmas Tree, now I do! LOL So...while waiting, I was doodling in PSP..yep... doodling is what I call it. I sketch something out onto paper when I get the idea, and when I get time PSP, vectors and I go to work! LOL So...today, I am giving you the 2-versions of a Christmas Tree I had in my head... LOL Hope you like these...I was pleased with them.
CLICK on the IMAGES to download...
here's the first one...

and here's the one I think is just so adorable...
I call him "Christmas Peeps" LOL

Don't you just LOVE his eyes? Anyway...Thanks to Steph of "Digital Art by Steph" for the use of her EYES. I draw these onto paper like this, too...but since she sent me some she already had made I decided to use them...it saves me from making them. LOL TY Steph, soooo much! You are so sweet to let me use these. [wink]

Oh...I have another recipe page for you too... 2-QP's...one for adding your own APPLE recipe to it...or just telling a story or such and the other is for a RECIPE of your own.
Anyway... here you go...I used this one to scrap one of my favorite dessert dishes called, "Crustless Apple Pie". It's like having apple crisp with a pie crust rather than all that brown sugar topping you would normally get...or think of it as an 'UP-SIDE DOWN" Apple Pie! LOL Anyway...Try it...I think you'll like it...the best part is...this is also a GIFT in a JAR recipe. I converted it so I could use it this way. :-)
Here's how mine looked as a GIFT in a JAR,
[if you would like this RECIPE, email me :-) I'll share! ] Honest I will...[wink]

And here's the BLANK RECIPE page for one with the APPLES still on it,....or not...lol
Again, just click on the previews to DOWNLOAD

And here's a blank for you to MAKE your own GIFT IN A JAR recipe... [pssst...without the APPLE PIES on it. LOL With this one, you can add your own embellishments :-)

Now, here's the best part about this post... HAVE you been to Annie's 4-Corners lately? NO??? Well...you best be getting over there... She has the cutest kit...and even an addon!! Check it out...

and if you like this... check out the ADDON!

Didn't I tell you it was cute? Now go get it...it's FREE!! I already snagged my copy. :-) Thanks Sheila...keep up the good work. Love your taste in colors too! :-)

OK... that's it for today... check back this weekend...I have an gorgeous QP for you...and YES...another recipe page too! Can you say "YUMMMMMY"?!!! If you like Chocolate...YOU will love this one!! Come back and you'll see! lol

Oh...one more thing... in case you hadn't noticed... [wink], I am working on a Scrap Recipe Book for MYSELF...so if you follow my blog posts...by the time I'm finished...YOU WILL have it too! lol Just thought you might like to KNOW that.... or not...hehehee.

Take care... I am off to work on some more IDEAS in my head! LOL
God Bless you all and keep you safe. Hugs ;-)


Patty said...

thank you for the cute trees and luv your recipe card - and will absolutely play with this template - very nice!!

Candie said...

TY Patty, and you are VERY WELCOME! TY for dropping by. :-)

Pat said...

Thank you for your adorable little Christmas trees.

joy4evermore said...

Thanks for sharing! cute trees. I have been wanting to do a recipe book so will be grabbing these too!

AudreyG said...

Love your recipe card and thanks so much

Gerri said...

Thank you so much for the darling trees!!!