It's almost Thanksgiving! Are you ready for it?

Gosh, can you believe it? This year is almost gone. Next week is Thanksgiving! Which brings me to my point. Friday is a big shopping-day for a lot of people, and this year it's a special day for us.

You see, my hubby will be turning 62 on Friday [and soon to be retiring!]. Yes, he was born on Thanksgiving night. His mother made a big Thanksgiving Dinner and then she had the TURKEY later that night....lol Just kidding...He knows I love him. :-)

Seriously, I wanted to let you know I might not be posting again till sometime over the weekend. I'm sorry I am late posting today. I wanted to do this yesterday. As it turns out, I have had that flu-like virus that "bites" you for a couple of days. At least it has me...it's pretty rough, at least it's been rough on me. LOL
I'm beginning to feel better now, so I thought I'd better post and give you all some goodies. :-)

I have another Recipe page for you. I used two kits "Christmas Magic and Christmas Memories " by Karel of Art and Scraps. These are gorgeous Christmas kits. See for yourselves....



and this shows only a portion what are in the kits. Karel makes 2-different previews, and I picked only one from each of the kits to share with you. Head on over to the Art and Scraps store to check these kits out and many more while you are there! I simply love her kits. Don't you?
Psssst...did I tell you, she has some AWESOME freebies to share with you on her BLOG too! Like this one...

Is this just the cutest freebie? I love it! You can betch'a I'll use these in one of my 'Holiday" recipe pages! And she has even more goodies for on her blog...so hurry on over...and make sure you visit her store, too. The price is DEFINITELY RIGHT! And, hint-hint...., it IS almost Christmas!! lol

Again, if you want the full size page of this recipe, please feel free to email me. I will share with you. :-)
This is one of my favorite Candy recipes for Christmas. But then, I love Almond Joy bars...and this taste like those to me. I hope you try this recipe, I know you'll love it, if you like Almond Joy bars.
Here's the LO I made or should I say, recipe page.
Be sure you CLICK on the IMAGES to DOWNLOAD


I also made a QP from this page. Well, of course it doesn't have the recipe on it....lol.
You know, this would also be a great page for journaling, like your favorite Christmas, or special shopping experience with your grandparents, aunt, uncle, parents or even your brother or sister. It's endless what you could write about. Or, like me, use it for one of your favorite holiday recipes!

Here's the matching QP, Did you notice, I left a spot for your favorite photo. LOL That's why it's a QP! LOL

I can just see the kids opening their presents on Christmas, and making a page for each one of them out of this one! Or maybe our Christmas Dinner family 'MUG' shot...lol Wouldn't that be something to remember? lol Just kidding family...you know I love y'a!

And finally, I have yet another Snowman for you...And as you can see...his name fits him...

No, there's NOT a red background, it is transparent. I used this red only for the preview...or you wouldn;t have been able to see him very well....then again, I forgot I had a green background on my blog right now...so I guess you would have seen him....[wink] Oh well. LOL You know, I had to make him twice! Yep...even though I had Auto-save on...for some reason, as I was doing a final save, I forgot something, hit CANCEL...and my PSP11 CRASHED!! I lost it ALL!!! I was so upset!! But I remade him...lol So it's not a big deal...at least not now. LOL

As always, leave me some love, and come back soon.
OH! And before I forget, I'll have a very special kit for you soon.
I am planning to share with you, maybe as soon as Wednesday, if not... Saturday or Sunday...we'll see how things go. Until then, have a Great Thanksgiving and may God bless you all, and keep you safe. See you soon. :-)


joy4evermore said...

Yeah another snowman! Thanks for sharing the qps and snowman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful qp's!

Mary said...

he's very cute