Happy Thanksgiving! & more FREEBIES!

Hi Everyone, I want to wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND SAFE HOLIDAY! And.... please, have fun on your 'BLACK FRIDAY' shopping spree, [if you partake of it]! I have a few things on my list!!!

I had a few minutes to spare, so I thought I would post my blog early. Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day for me as is Friday. I haven't a clue what the weekend holds. So, I will give you my TREATS today.


First I made another HOLIDAY recipe for my Scrapbook Cookbook...that means another recipe for you and another matching QP too! Two for one...get it...and it's not BLACK FRIDAY yet!!! LOL
I used from 2-of Karel's kits again, We Are Family and her recent FREEBIE, Ginger Snap! If you didn't snag this one, there's still time to get it! (I'm telling you...you can MIX n MATCH her kits, it's easy!!!) While you are there, be sure you go check out her store at ART and SCRAPS... LOTS of goodies to be found there, too!
Here are the previews of the two kits I used (thought I'd show you these, before I give you my goodies! lol)

There is soooooo much more to this kit, as you will see in my LO's/QP's [wink]

and the FREEBIE one on her blog, GINGER SNAP

Like all her kits, this one is just sooooo adorable...and FREE!!! [Psst..her purchase prices are COOL too!]

And now, what you have been waiting for! I think so anyway...lol
I made my recipe page from these kits, and this weeks recipe is called .....
CHO-COVERED CHERRIES [or Chocolate Covered Cherries]
Remember... CLICK ON THE PREVIEWS to download

NOTE***All of my RECIPE pages are created on an 8-inch x 8-inch page at 300 pixels per inch. I print them out onto PHOTO PAPER 8.5 x 11-inch. That leaves me some space at the bottom for any special notes or if I want, just to embellish on! lol

And here's the matching Scrap Page QP for some more of your special photos...

Trust me...I tried this one out... check it out...

I know...I know... I'm better off sticking to scraping others photos...lmbo!! This photo is from our WINDY-DAY family reunion in Sept. My 3-sons, hubby and myself. Don't look too long, you might go blind!! [heheheheee]

Ok... I have another goodie for you, so that's enough kidding.
I promised you a kit this week...and a kit you shall get. Want to see a preview of it... you sure??

OK...here you are... REMEMBER... CLICK ON the ELEMENTS PREVIEW to download....or did I say that already? lol
(or aka: Holly Jolly Blog Train) ...

and here are the papers I made to go with this one...

The funny thing is...I already made & submitted the FULL kit...and then I found I had a couple of pieces to add to it...so I thought, I'll make an Add-on...there won't be much to it, right? Well... as you can see... YES THERE IS!!! This Add-on is completely different from the ORIGINAL kit that was submitted in the Holly Jolly Blog Train...
You'll be able to get The FULL kit, NEXT MONTH (DEC. 15th...right here on my blog, for my portion) and I'll direct you to the next "CAR-link" for the next download, etc...lol
So, be sure you keep watching ...YOU DON'T want to miss this train!! Trust me...I have SEEN the previews...and they are GORGEOUS!! The participating designers have OUTDONE themselves!

Thank you all for dropping by...and TY so much for downloading my creations. HAVE a wonderful and safe THANKSGIVING..and if all goes well, I'll see you again sometime after the 1st with more GOODIE!! So, y'all come back soon.. Now, I'm going to go and get me some of that TURKEY!! :-)


joy4evermore said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome kit and QP! Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is Fantastic!

makeyesup said...

This is not an add-on, this is a wonderful maga kit. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome work. Can't wait to see what you consider a kit. Have a super Thanksgiving today. Can easily say that this was a surprise to be thankful for.

Candie said...

TY both for your comments... I really appreiate them!! Makeyesup, yes, this was only an addon... I know, I surprised myself. LOL
I hope you can use this one and enjoy it! The big one, as I said, is coming Dec. 15th. Please came back and visit me again. :-)
And, Mandy, you are always so supportive of me...TY so much!! What would I do without you? [hug]