Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to pass the award on from Sirena Mala, . I am so sorry Sirena. When ever there is someone as sweet and thoughtful as this girl, and gives you an awesome award such as this one...

You just can't help but feel it is such a fantastic honor. You know, she didn't have to pick me...and I just thought that was just so AWESOME of her!! I really appreciate the award and I definitely will pass it along. So... watch out you LUCKY-7! lol
I have picked so many in the past...so I am going to pick NEW ones this time..and I have to say, I am definitely going to return the compliment to Sirena...If you have NOT seen her blog, especially if you are a designer or use PSP and PS, you'll definitely want to visit this one! Sirena has some really fantastic SCRIPTS, I just love her site. Thank you sweetie for sharing your talent with us!

OK...the rules...
Thanks to Sirena, [wink] I've won yet another award for my blog! Thank you kid'o, I do appreciate it!
Now I am to pass it on to 7 other lucky people. Soooo..... Here goes:

1. Cen's Loft
2. Laura
3. Sirena Mala
4. Booland Designs
5. Leaonna
6. Misty Cato Designs
7. Wetfish Designs
There are so so many talented ladies and gents out there, I wish I could name them all! :-)
What can I say about these wonderful people...only that they are each and everone so AWESOME. Everytime I visit their blogs, I am sooooo inspired and LOVE their freebies, too. [wink]
Misty is one of my favorite tut writers and she is a wonderful tutorial writer, and so is Boo, too! Every tut I have ever tried from either of these ladies has always worked out for me. I had no problems as they are written very well.
I love each of these ladies' blogs and I have to give them an award too! TY all for your shares and for blogging! I truly LOVE-LOVE your sites! Thanks guys for all that you do for all of us!
Now you all get to pass this award on to 7 special bloggers of your choice! Have fun! [wink]

Now today I have a very special gift for you...well, actually 2! lol Oh...and I wanted to remind you that my friend, Steph, is selling at CRAFTY SCRAPS too! Yes...an awesome store...with great designers and there are fantastic sales there too. OH! Did I tell you, Michelle just had a FANTASTIC sale, did you miss it.... it was a 1-day only sale, it was....BOTTOM DOLLAR prices! See, a very good reason why you need to sign up for her NEWSLETTER and bookmark her site! lol I'm sorry if you missed it...maybe next time. :-)

Also...I have some FREEBIES for you... one catch, though...you will need to visit their blogs/stores to download the freebies. :-) After all, I did use THEIR kits. LOL
OK...I have a lot more to post...so here goes....I made a beautiful page using Steph's lovely kit...

The nice thing about Steph's kits is that she usually makes a TAGGER'S size too. LOL Here is the QP I am giving to you, but you will need to download it from HERE. Or you can click on the preview below....


I really enjoyed working with this kit. There are so many nice things in here to use! I would love to see what you do with this QP, if you make a LO with it. :-)

And... I made yet another QP for Steph, using her kit,


and this is what Steph did with my QP! Aren't these kids adorable?

Pssst....These are two of her grandchildren.

and if you'd like, you can grab this SCHOOL QP HERE or you can click on the preview to be taken to Steph's blog for the link.

I also made some more QP's...lol Yes...you are getting a LOT today. I'm trying to make up for my absense Labor Day weekend. LOL

This is a special QP to me, too. If anyone knows me...then you know how much I just LOVE Karel's kits.
I made this little "cutie" from a FREEBIE she gave away last week on her blog...this one is called...

and you can still GRAB this kit at her blog, HERE

If you want the QP I made, you can grab it HERE and the the password is.... karel
As always, I would LOVE to see what you do with this QP, if you download it that is. [wink]
OOOOPS, I don't know what happened to the QP preveiw...but here it is...sorry about that! :-)

OK...moving right along... I used another cute kit (again one of my favorite designers) made by Michelle at Creafty Scraps, and it's called...

Isn't this so ADORABLE?
BTW...a little FYI...folks, this is what the winners of the August Scavenger Hunt got for the winners prize. But...you can't win, if you don't play..right? NO...I was NOT one of the winners :-(.
But hey, there's always next month...right? lol
I made this Freebie QP for anyone who would like to have it...the catch is...lol...you will need to go to Michelle's blog...to get the download info, or click on the QP to be taken there. :-)
OOOPS.... :-) [edited 9-11-08]
Again, I need to edit this post, it seems Michelle had to remove the FREEBIES in her store as it was using too much Bandwidth, so you will be getting the QP's I make here again. I am so sorry for the confusion. Just click HERE to download this QP. Again, I am so sorry. The password is " mmc "

OH...and you can grab the EXTRA'S I made when making this QP... HERE [same password, but you shouldn't need it, if you downloaded the QP first. :-) ]

BTW...she has another great FREEBIE kit up this week for week2 of the Scavenger hut...better HURRY! LOL I might beat you to it! LOL

see what I mean? Isn't this adorable? And there is a surprise in this one too!!! NOPE...not telling you...you will have to go see for yourself! lol I can't wait to use this one, too! lol
OH..and I definitely will do the Challenge this week, too...I want that winner's prize...Cross your fingers for me. LOL

And now... Last...but not least... a special gift from me to you... lol I made this in last weeks Scavenger Hunt challenge at Crafty Scraps, you will be able to get this one and LOTS more at the end of the month...all of the QP's will be up for you all to snag. So...go praticipate, so there will be LOTS more!!! I know...I'm greedy! lol
Click QP preview to download and the password is... mmc

Please feel free to let Michelle and me see what you make from this one. (any of these I share...lol) I have yet to do a LO from any of these I have made recently...and I would love to see one done! I am too busy making kits and QP's...lol But I LOVE it! LOL

I hope I didn't miss anything or anyone in this post... let me know if I did. I am sure I will be posting again sometime this week...unless something happens to keep me from it. I would like to give you all another MINI kit, real soon...we'll see. LOL OH! You did go sign up for Michelle's NEWS LETTER didn't you, so you could get my Exotic Isle kit for free...right? If not... get over there! LOL The preview is in my last post. [wink]

Take care...see you all soon...and Say hello...K? [wink]


Mandy aka joy4evermore said...

You have been busy! Love all the QPs! I will be sure to grab them as soon as I can (not enouogh time now). Have a great week! Thanks for sharing with us!

Michelle said...

Hi sweetie,
You need to check this out http://moondancerscreations.blogspot.com/..From one of my new CT's...She did a wonderful job...ah andstop over to my blog for an award..