Good Morning and Happy 38th Anniversary to me!

Yes, today we have been married 38 yrs. Wow, it does not seem that long! That means my oldest son will be 37 on Halloween! Yes, he was born on Halloween, Oct. 31st. We nicknamed him Witchie, slang for Mitchie since his middle name is Mitchell. LOL

Anyway..enough of that. I want to celebrate with you all today with a very special gift, one I made just for today! Isn't that special? I'll give you a hint, here's the colors I used...

Does that look like anything you would like from a kit? How about this...would you like this for a kit?
NOTE: Not all elements are shown in the preview, there are 90 pieces to this kit!

and here are the papers...NOTE: the tiny squares are actually SEAMLESS [flood fill] TILES! yeaaaa! The close-up shows your their pattern.

NO? Hummm not even a little bit? lol Well, if you change your mind, you can grab this kit at Crafty Scraps Store. I really liked this one, I know it looks summery, but hey, in this part of the world, we are still in our summer, and where I live, it still feels like summer! LOL

OK...enough teasing... yes, this kit is up for sale at Crafty Scraps Store, if you decide to go check it out.. be sure to check out Michelle's other designers as well. TY to all of you who have donated to Jazzy's cause. That was really sweet of you, and a really nice thing you did. I know Jazzy appreciated it..and so did all those designers who contributed. BIG HUGZ to all of you!

I made a special prezzie for you all as I mentioned earlier. Since Jr and I can not go anywhere to celebrate or 38th wedding anniversary, I decided to give you all a gift instead. Would you like this kit?

You would? LOL Well, then, would you like this QP?

You WOULD??? Well, guess what? If you click on the images, you will go to where you can get the downloads!
You see...Crafty Scraps is giving this KIT away as a freebie, for me...all you need to do is just sign up for her NEWSLETTER...how hard is that? So...go sign up...and you will get this kit. It's that easy and in return, each time she sends out a new newsletter, you will get some GREAT FREEBIES, only given in her newsletter!
psssst....If you have any issues with the downloads, please let me or Michelle know, so we can get it fixed.

Please let me know what you think of this one, either way... Please enjoy! And do share what you make. :-) wit me, I would love to see it.
All I ask is that you do NOT share my designs through groups, but send them here or to Crafty Scraps to download. Once the LINK in her store is no longer available in her store, just let me know, and I will re-post it here. :-)

NO...I am NOT removing links anymore. I decided I just don't like doing that. I gave it a try...and decided I didn't like it. So...the links will remain until I redo my 4shared next year, 2009.
I've decided to leave my links from one year till the next year. Or as long as my 4shared will hold all those zips. [wink]

Psssst...I forgot to mention, we are going away at the end of this month, to the James Dean Car show. It's at Gas City and Fairmount, Indiana. Between the two cities, there are THOUSANDS of beautiful antique cars to see. It's not just a car SHOW, they actually cruise around in these cars! We love sitting at the restaurant (morning and evening) and just watching them cruise by, going to their motels, or favorite restaurants, or even traveling between the shows.
My favorite part is what they call the "Poppers" contest. The "Keepers of the Flame" club are always there. They actually blow FLAMES out their tail pipes! The car that puts on the best show wins.
What show you ask? Well, here's how it works....They actually pump their gas pedals to a rhythm, causing the flames to shoot out the tail pipes with a rhythm and LOUD popping sound [shich causes the rhythum noise]. It's very exciting. OH, I guess you just have to be there to appreciate it. [wink]
There's so much more to see as well. There's always a Live WELL KNOWN band play in the evening, with lots of crafts for the ladies, and a SWAP meet for the guys. Of course lots of games and just lots of fun! If you have never been, you really gott'a go, just once in your life.
I always try to visit James Dean's home, where he grew up, [beautiful house/land] and wetry to visit his grave, too. These are beautiful places to visit, and his hometown, [Fairmount] too. Just to see the school he went to, and the town he grew up in, is so nice. I love that sort of thing. Of course, I love site seeing! LOL

Also, before I go, I wanted to remind you all to PLEASE go to Michelle's Blog and participate in her September Scavenger Hunt Challenge. I did, this time! Yeaaa! I got my 1st week done...maybe I'll do another before Friday! And then again, maybe not! LOL
Here's the QP I made for this challenge...

I will definitely be sharing this one with you all, either here on my blog, or on Michelle's blog...maybe both! lol So, let's see what you all can do, huh? I would love to see your finished LO's, I know Michelle would!

Yes! You can create LO's,too. It's recommended that you do...then make a QP for Michelle from your LO, [or she will do it for you, [if you can't or don't know how]. lol See...Michelle is just a super sweet heart, isn't she? [wink]

Oh...what's a Scavenger hunt, you ask...Well.....let me Brief you. LOL
[of course you can READ all about it on Michelle's blog, too]! [wink]

Michelle gives you a LIST of items that you need to make your LO/QP, you can find these items by searching through her FREEBIES she has given from her past posts up to her current date post. Once you have found all the items on the list, using your graphics program (I use Paint Shop Pro), you create your LO/QP, then send the finished product to Michelle. Then you just sit back and wait for the VIEWERS [you and me] to vote on the finished QPs...of course....hoping you will win. LOL [I know I will be crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I can cross! lol]
The LOs/QPs with the most votes obviously wins. Last month (Aug) the top two winners got Michelle's newest kit [Autumn Bliss] first!

Isn't this a cool kit?!!! I knew I should have participated! lol

Now the kit will be going to her store Crafty Scraps so all of us can purchase it, too. Yes, me too, 'cause I didn't win. :-(
Oh! Wait!! That's right, you have to PARTICIPATE to WIN! LOL And since I didn't participate, I didn't win. :-(. Well, let me tell you, I made sure I did this month!
Will you get more votes than me? Will I win, or will you? We'll never know, if you don't participate! Now get on over there and start HUNTING! HAVE FUN!

I almost forgot, it's been a week! OK....lol I was given an award by Sirena Mala, AWESOME SITE! TY Sirena!!! I too, LOVE-LOVE your site! I will post the folks I will give the award to in my next post. Again...TY so much for thinking of me Sirena!

I would put Sirena's blinkie up, but I didn't find one...so I will make her one and see if she likes it, if she does, then I will post it on my blog for you all to snag, too! Again, I really am thrilled to receive this award!

That's all I have for you today! Enjoy my freebies from today, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend. [wink]
Hopefully, I'll see you next Saturday! [HUGZ]

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Michelle said...

Oh sweetie, you didn't have to go on and on about me like I'm some saint..I just love everyone...wink...Love your blog...and I visit all the time...Stay sweet and take care hon...HUGS, Michelle xoxo