I'm back! Happy September, and Pre-Anniversary!

Oh wow! The reunion went well. It turned out to be a really nice day. It was in the upper 80's and the wind was a bit high, but that was what made it so nice. Of course my hair was on top of my head more than where it should have been, needless to say all of my photos were "NASTY" lol. Oh well...it was a great day inspite of it all. LOL

You know, I always talk about my SIL (Sheila) and how well she does her LO's...Well, she didn't get to make it to the reunion, but her hubby, Mitchell, did.
[pssst...Everyone in the family knows that Mitchell is our brother...lol ]
I don't get to see him much and I just had to have a picture with him... Check this out!

Mitchell & Candie [See what I mean about the "HAIR"]? lol
Hey Sheila... since you weren't here, I figured I'd get your hugs for y'a! LOL
I am so glad most of my brothers and sisters were able to make it. We may not get together as much as we would like, but at least we can all meet in one place at the same time, once a year! lol

Oh, you have got to see this one, This is one of all of the "sibs"...[those who could make it, that is]. LOL
[Brad and Wanda couldn't make it] :-(

left-back to right:
Bobby, Gene and Mitchell
left-front to right:
Doc, Judy and Candie (me)

Can you spot me? spssst...the one with the "wild" wind blown hair! Honest, my hair looked good when I left the house. LOL I just didn't "lock" mine down, like sister Judy's. [Just goes to show you which one of us is the "smart thinker"]...LOL Maybe I should get mine cut short like that too...huh? LOL

Now, I have been waiting for YEARS to get a photo of just my boys and hubby and me...well...I did.
But my hair, again!...lol Anyway...I got one!!!

This is just my immediate family, in the back, Shawn (the middle son), Travis (the youngest) and Kevin (our oldest son), then of course Jr and myself.

Yes, I got pictures of the whole "brood"...and I will share that one some time...probably in a LO. lol
I have 5 grandkids, but 6 were there... have you figured it out yet?
[Pssst.... Tiffany [Travis's wife] is going to have "Aiden Crue" on October 9th at 8:00 am...isn't that cool? Gott'a love C-sections! These days, you get to decide the birth date and sometimes the time! LOL His birth date will 10-09-08...get it... 10-9-8...lol Tiff thought of that one. LOL Gavin's is 04-30-04! [He's their oldest son].

It really was a GREAT day and LOTS of good food. Everyone pitched in...contributed more than their share...and it just all balanced out so nicely! TY to all the family members...you were AWESOME. I couldn't have done this without your help. See you all again next year...remember... it's on Sunday at 12:00 noon...and Monday is Labor Day... so don't get it confused. right Doc? [snickering]
OH! One more thing...A SPECIAL thank you to Gene and Joanetta, for the awesome gifts. You see, they took 3 different candy/cookie and flower vase containers, filled them with DELICIOUS candies, you had to guess how much candy was in each. The closest without going over was the winner. Oddly enough, Judy won the first one, I won the 2nd one and Randy (Judy's hubby's brother) won the 3rd! What a fantastic idea and Such fun! TY both for this lovely idea and gift! [mwah!!]
I Love you all!

OK...on to my blog... for those of you who are still with me...lol I have some special gifts for you...and there will be a VERY SPECIAL gift on Saturday. You see... Jr and I will be celebrating our 38th Wedding Anniversary on Friday the 5th, and since he has to work this weekend, I will celebrate with you!!!
Noooooo, I'm not telling you what it is...you will just have to come back on Saturday. LOL I know it's hard to wait...but you will be glad you did. [wink]

Today, I am sharing with you not one, but two QP's...well, sort of... I made 2 QP's from two different kits that my good friend, Steph made.... They are "Tranquil" and the other is called "School". You will be able to get the QP's here at her blog.
Here are the previews...

I really like the way this one turned out. Be sure to say HEY and TY to Steph when you go snag this one.
and here's the other preview...it's from her kit,


I think this is one we can all use...parents, grandparents, aunts-uncles...all of us...lol
If you snag this one...again, be sure to tell Steph... TY. She does such a wonderful job creating these kits.
OH...did I tell you, she not only creates the PRINTABLE size, she also do a TAGGERS size too! Isn't that cool?!! She just thinks of everything! [hugz]
You will be seeing more of her kits made into LO's/QP's by me in the future. Technically, I am NOT her CT, but she is my friend, and I LOVE her kits...so why not? lol

I'm sorry I didn't get to blog before now, but I was so busy since Wednesday, and by Monday, I was literally BEAT...it took me 2 days to catch up! LOL I know...a real good sign of OLD AGE. lol Shoot, tell me something I don't know. ROTFLMBO!!

Don't forget, there are a lot of SPECIAL Labor Day sales going on right now... like over at Groovy Scraps... Tracy and Kim have been real busy trying to get their store open, and now a big sale going on too. And did I tell you, she has some AWESOME designers working in her store too! You must see!!!
OH! did I tell you, Steph is now a new designer over there too? I spend FAR too much time just browsing in that store! In all of them! LOL
Also, did you check out Karel and Michelle's blogs/stores? OH...no! You didn't?? Oh...you really must go see what you are missing! Michelle (Crafty Scraps) had a Scavenger hunt going on the whole month of August...and now...she will be offering all the QP's that were entered into that hunt...BIG SELECTION for all you QP hunters...hurry...go see...and SNAG!!! OH...and the top two winners of the hunt get the first NIBS on her NEW kit going into the store. Yep, they get it before it goes to the store, . Isn't that soooo cool? lol

And have you seen Karel's latest creations? NO??? What are you waiting for? You are missing out on a LOT of great kits there too... not to mention her freebies as well! And you just can not beat her everyday prices in her store. Pssst...did you know she is doing "Printibles" too? Actually, if you are interested in that, you really should visit her at her "Art and Scraps blog", as I believe she has an ad for 2-team members in that area. Good LUCK! I can't wait to see who she picks!! :-)
Keep watching, since I am not babysitting now (my babies are in school now), I have more time to do what I would like to do...as well as re-organizing my DVD's/CD's and files. I have a ton of work to catch up on too, for some of my designers I work for...and Karel is one of them. So, keep watching for more QP's to FLY out at you! LOL

So, be sure to check all of these stores out, too while you're visiting the blogs!, and tell them "Candie sent y'a!" [wink]

Have a great day...and I will see you all again on Saturday. :-)

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joy4evermore said...

Hey Candie, Glad you had a great reunion! The Qps are great! Have a great anniversary!