Another Beautiful Saturday, and a FREEBIE, too!

Good morning everyone. I hope you all are having as beautiful a day as we are here in OHIO! It's not too hot, at least not YET! But it's going to be. We really need some rain. But, I'll take the sunshine! [wink]

I have been so busy trying to "tie-up" all of my 'loose' ends before the reunion next Sunday. Yep, it's just 1-week (and 1-day...lol) away. [Hey FAMILY, are you reading this]? lol
Remember, it's the Same Place as last year, and the years before that. LOL OH...and begins at the SAME TIME too... just incase you had forgotten. LOL
I hope to see ALL of you there! After all, that's why I do it, so my brothers and sisters and myself [the siblings] can all get together in one location at the same time, at least once a year! lol I'm told 2 of the brothers won't be there this year, I am so sad :-( to hear that. Maybe you can make it next year, huh? I'll miss you...heck, we'll all miss you. :-) Maybe we'll call ya, just to say HEY...and tell you how much we miss you! :-) [HUGZ]

Now...as for all of my dedicated readers, yep. Have I got a GOODIE[s] for you. Since I won't be POSTING next weekend...and probably won't be on the PC after Wednesday, I thought I would give you a DOUBLE FREEBIE today!...How's that sound? OH, and you never know, I just might give yet another one early next week! You'll just have to stop by to see.
Here's the CATCH...These FREEBIES will only be available from now until sometime Sunday night or Monday morning....so GRAB THEM while you can, [about 48 hours] so be sure to tell your friends, [if you think it's worth sharing]. LOL
All I ask in return is that you DON'T share my LINKS, but send your friends to my BLOG for the download while it's FREE. Please use my previews if you do share where to find my blog for the downloads. TY :-)

Yes...these are available at the CRAFTY SCRAPS STORE and you will be able to puchase them, once the links are removed.
I have not made my mind up yet, as to wheather I want to become a REGULAR Designer, or if I want to just keep my stuff FREE. LOL Don't get me wrong, I love designing, but I think I would get burned out pretty quick, if I HAD to do it on a regular basis, you know? We'll see. LOL
So... Help me make my decision...head on over to CRAFTY SCRAPS STORE, check out all the FANTASTIC kits and make sure you check out mine, too. HINT-HINT...buy one or two...heck, buy them all if you like them! lol
DON'T forget, Michelle is having a SCAVENGER HUNT and it's been an AWESOME adventure! Go Check it out...it's not too late, you know! Hurry...you don't want to miss it!!! :-)

Oh! NO...I don't have MY OWN LOGO on the kits. Since I am NOT a REGISTERED DESIGNER, I can not sell them under my name... And, since Michelle is Selling them under her name, (temporarily, anyway) until someone (me) can decide what she wants to do, they have to carry her logo on them. So... go make your purchases, if you want to...and support my cause. rotflobo!! Or not...heheheee

I just enjoy designing, and having fun while doing it. And believe it or not... designing/playing in PSP actually relaxes me...it's GREAT Theropy, too. At least for me, it is. lol

Ok, kids, enough GAB, I have a ton of things to get done today, and being on the PC is NOT one of the items on my TO DO list. lol So... without making you wait anylonger, Here We GOOOOOOO!

Today I have the previews to show you what I have been doing ....(Remember, you can GRAB these at CRAFTY SCRAPS STORE_ANYTIME!)
Here's a preview of the kits
MAILBOX LILIES [original kit]

OH, did I forget to tell you, YOU WILL NOT be getting the FULL kit, but a portion of the two kits combined and even a couple of goodies that didn't make the kits!. I am sharing a QP I made from a LO I made using this last kit. Make sense? Anyway, when you download the QP, not only will you get the QP, but you will get the individual items I used to create the LO/QP with. And here's the preview of the Addon kit....

Pssst, if you will look closely, you will see neither of these kits Share any designs alike, not even the papers! I did not plan it that way, it just happened. So, actually, these are two separate kits, just sharing the same color chart is all. lol
OK... enough of that, Here's what you've been waiting for....(2-QP's today!, SURPRISE!...lol)
The 1st one is from the first kit I made...if you like it simply click on the QP's preview to download it.
(it is a QP only, no individual pieces are included)

the password for both of these QP's is.... ' candie' How original is that? lol

and here's the 2nd QP I made from using the the Addon kit and some pieces from the 1st kit, too.
To download for the Mailbox Lilies Addon [QP only] simply click on the preview below ...

AND NOW, WHAT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...THE INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS or as I call it, "QP SAMPLER"! And if you like this QP, you can grab the SAMPLER-KIT by clicking on the preview of the LO I made [below].
PSSSST.....I decided to NOT to include the QP in with the kit after all. LOL So you WILL need to download both links if you want the QP, too. In other words, to get both QP's and the MINI-KIT, you will need to download ALL-3. Does that make sense? lol
Here you go...
the password for this mini-kit is... " addon " (again, how simple was that?!! lol)

This is my oldest Granddaugher, Destiny. Isn't she beautiful? Both of my girls are! At least Mamaw thinks so! LOL
Taylor has dark hair and blue eyes and she get's her curly hair from her daddy, who got his from...yep, ME! LOL

Ok... I think that's it until I come back again. LOL You all have a wonderful weekend...and be sure to have a SAFE and HAPPY LABORDAY weekend as well. I will see you all again, sometime after Monday, [Laborday]. lol
Enjoy the Freebies, and Please don't forget to say "hi" or "hey" or "hello" or however you say it...lol and an occasional TY would nice, too. It let's me know that you like what I am doing. :-) If I get enough encouragement [TY's], I just might be inclined to share more....hint...hint... lol
'Bee' Good...lol


joy4evermore said...

Love the kits! Hope you have a great time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing these gorgeous quick pages and the add-on! The colors in this set are so cheery and bright.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebies!! What law says you have to be registered?

Nexa (Jessica) said...

Hi there!!
you have got an award!!
Look over at Http://scrapoholicdesigns.blogspot.com and get it there!!
It's well deserved!