Hello, I am back and I have FREEBIES for you!

I thought when the reunion was over my days would become more normal. What exactly is that, NORMAL, I mean? LOL I have stayed so busy since then and it seems I have to "make time" for the extra things I want to do. So, I am making time to post and share with you all. Before I do, I want to share with you that I was given yet another award! How awesome is that?!! I can not believe all the wonderful friends I have and I really appreciate each and every one of you.


I received this very special award from Michelle at CRAFTY SCRAPS and I want to thank her for all the kind and wonderful things she had to say about me. TY sweetie, and back at y'a!

OK...now it's my turn to pick someone...3 someones, I guess it is. lol How do I do that? There are so many people who are so special to me and deserve this special award. It is so hard to choose just a couple. But I will try...here goes,
1. Michelle,
Now, you know I had to give this award back to you, because you deserve it and you are a very special friend to me.
You've been an inspiration to me, and you always manage to keep me in line and motivated. [wink]
You believed in me when I didn't.. and I think you have a great instinct about people, at least you did with me. You always put others before yourself, and that makes you a very special person in my book. TY so much for being there for me and TY for being MY FRIEND. [hugz].
2. Steph,
I can not say enough about this very special friend. She has always been there for me, and she is always so supportive of me and what ever I choose to do. I could not ask for a better friend.
Like Michelle, Steph is a great inspiration to me and she's always finds ways to motivate me.
She has the biggest heart of anyone I've known. She goes out of her way to help others and she too, puts others needs before her own.
Steph is a very special and dear friend to me & for always being there for me. [hugz].
3. Tracy,
Tracy and I go back a few years. She has always been there for me and she too, is always so supportive of me.
No matter what I might need to know, no matter when or how, Tracy will go way out on a limb to help me. Tracy that makes you an exceptionl and very special friend to me.
This is another lady who will do whatever she can to help you out. If she doesn't have the answer for you, she will try to find it.
She is a very sharing and kind hearted person. TY Tracy Drane for being my friend. [hugz]

There are far too many people, just as special to me as these ladies, that I hold near and dear to my heart. I think you know who you are, and I think you know I love you all for being there for me and for helping to make my life easier. I could fill this whole post just naming those of you that are so special to me.
So.... TY all, for being my friends and for your support. I just hope that someday, you will be able to say the same things about me. That's one of my goals anyway. [wink]

OK, I think it's time to give you all what you've been waiting for and you so much deserve them. LOL
FYI, I have removed the passwords from my QP's, so it will not be such a issue for you to access the download. So, if you have ANY problems downloading, please let me know. Just click on my EMAIL ME button on the top left of my blog.

I have been participating in the Crafty Scraps Sept.'08 Scavenger Hunt Challenge, and....Yeaaa, I managed to do a QP for each of the 4-weeks. Today, I am giving you the QP's I made for the last 3 weeks.
If you downloaded the one I gave away on my last post, then you will have all 4! lol
Now... after the end of Sept. you can Head on over to Crafty Scraps and download ALL of these great QP's that were made just for this challenge. Go check them out, Michelle has them running in her SLIDE SHOW at the top of her blog. They are all FANTASTIC! I can't wait to SNAG them all..but don't forget... WE HAVE to vote first...Yes...we get to vote for the top 3 of our choice...so don't miss it!
Psssst... Don't forget, I have 4 in there, too! LOL
Just kidding. Seriously...be sure you VOTE..K? Good luck to all who participate. I can't wait to see who wins..and I can't wait to see all those wonderful pages. :-)

Now for your FREEBIES :-)

This one is for week2...I love this one..

and this one I made for week3, isn't this little crow adorable?

and finally the 4th week, I really like this one!

I am working on doing a Brag Book, well an 8x10 book, using my new grandson's [Aidan] ultrasounds and of course mommy and daddy too. I have his big brother's [Gavin] ultrasounds so I plan to make him a book, too. Mommy is going to do the journaling...I get to do the EASY part. lol I think this last one will definitely be one of the pages I will use...what do you all think? Please leave me your comments in my SHOUT box or in the comments section at the bottom of this post. I really would like to know what you think.

If you haven't gotten in on this GREAT challenge, you really have to go and give it a try. It's really fun. Once you find the items listed for the Scavenger hunt, then you just use those to design your LO/QP! It really is so much fun...you should really try it at least once! TY Michelle for thinking of this idea! OH...and did I tell you, that with each list...you ALWAYS get a FREEBIE kit, too! Now...how can you turn that down? lol

That's all I have for you today..but I do hope to be back to posting retularly again, on Saturdays. Hopefully life will let me get back to doing that much anyway. [wink]
Take care and I'll see you all agian next week...if all goes well that is. :-)

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