I have a TON of freebies for you today!

Hello and good morning to everyone. I can't stay on her for long, but I wanted to post (as I promised) so I need to get busy on that.

First, before I do that, I have received another award...
TY so much for this wonderful honer TammyJo! I tell you...you girls are so sweet and I appreciate each & every one of you.

So...with out further delay, I get to elect 7 new wonderful & talented bloggers....hummmm, now...who will that be? It's so hard to choose...I LOVE them all! lol
Ok...here goes...

1. Jenn_ Angels Digi Scraps
2. Kim_ Fishing Mom
3. Candee_ CanDesigns
4. Kim C_ Our Journey
5. Misty Cato_ Misty Cato Designs
6. Sheila_ Annie's 4 Corners
7. Maryse Vincent_ Passishabby blog
If you have never visited these ladies...YOU REALLY must... They're blogs are so awesome and they have SOOOO much to share.
BTW...did I tell you, Annie is NOW SHARING her LO's as QP's... THEY are gorgeous...have you snagged any lately? NO??? Oh...you have got to check out her blog! You will definitely be GLAD you did! :-) [Sorry Annie, but it's true LOL] Her pages are gorgeous...and now they are FREE! YEAAAA! I'm on my way!!! lol

Again, TY so much TammyJo, I love your blog, and your freebies are fantastic...TY for sharing you wonderful talent with us.

Now, I went on a SPREE using some of Karel's kits (from Art and Scraps). I set out to make her 1 or 2 Qp's...and I ended up with I believe 5! Yes, you will be getting a chance to download 5 new QP's today. LOL
I am running out of time to do Aidan's BRAG BOOK...so this really helps! LOL I think I gave Karel a HEART ATTACK with me making all these QP's in ONE day! LOL I even surprised myself. LOL

If you want these, CLICK on the TITLES to DOWNLOAD the QP's.
And, you can CLICK on the preview to go the the kits in the store!
HINT...when you visit Karels's store, it's easier to find what you are looking for by category. In this case...most of these are in her SUMMER kits and Dollar bin...but don't delay...they might not stay in the Dollar bin for very long....HINT-HINT...lol OK...here you go.....

For this one, I used the kit called: BY THE SEA

and for this one I use the kit: BEACH DAYS

and this cutie is called: CIRCUS CIRCUS

this one is called (what else? lol) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY

and last but not least, this adorable FREEBIE on Karel's blog, it's called THE FROG PRINCE

If you haven't been to Karel's BOLG, lately...you REALLY must visit...she is always giving "goodies" there...and while you're there, why not visit her store for these kits and so much more...I'm telling you...These KITS are so adorable and soooooo EASY to work with. I just love them. I hope to get PLENTY more for you by next Saturday. We'll see.

I have a family Crisis going on right now, and I will have to be away from my computer for a few days or longer, so I might not be able to post next week. We'll see.
TY all for your support and I hope you enjoy your download.
As always, leave me so love... psssst.....I could sure use some right now. :-)
Take care, and I'll see you when I see you. [wink] Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. :-)


Anonymous said...

I pray your family crisis is resolved soon. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

joy4evermore said...

Sorry to hear about the family crisis. I pray all will be resolved quickly. Thanks so much for sharing! Love those QPs!