Moving to New Store and Freebies!

Yes, you got it...I have some NEWS about one of my designers. She has OUTGROWN her old site and needed to move! That's good for us, right? And unlike gasoline prices, her prices have NOT changed!
Who, you might ask, am I talking about. Some of us know her as "CRAFTY ACCENTS" others, like myself, know her as Karel. Yes, Karel is opening a new store called "Artandscraps"...notice there is a "S" after the word scrap. Don't confuse this with the other site "Artandscrap"...they are two completely different stores, and designers!!! Pssst...you can find my friend (designer) Lynn Griffin at the ARTANDSCRAP store! LOL
Karel is busy, busy moving her old store to the new location, please feel free to visit both of her store locations, at this time. Not all of her kits have been moved yet, so PLEASE visit the old store for more.
HOWEVER, I have a surprise for you all today, so, keep reading and be patient, I think you'll be glad you did. LOL

Now we got that straight, I think I can get on with the business of SHARING, don't you think? lol

First of all, I was playing around with Steph's latest kit "USA_sjs"

and made a beautiful layout with it.
Steph said she would be more than happy to OFFER it at her site for me, wasn't that sweet of her?
So...if you haven't picked this kit up yet...Please do so while you are there SNAGGING this great QP I made from my LO.
Here's the preview of the LO I made, just click on the preview to be taken to Steph's site for the download link.

Now I ask you, isn't this a HANDSOME "feller"? LOL Just kidding Mitchell...about the "feller" I mean. lol
Besure you say "Hey" while you are there, and always use your manners and say "TY" for the share. :-)

TY Steph for sharing this with your readers for me! OH! And while you are there, you might want to check out some of the "scrap-related" tutorials Steph has written, too! Be sure to tell her "CANDIE SENT Y'A. lmbo :-)
If EVER you should have any questions or problems doing her tutorials, she will be more than happy to assist you. Just shoot and email to her, it's that easy! She is just a super nice lady. I know, I have been friends with her for over 8 yrs!!! You'll agree, once you get to know her, too. :-)

Now here's what you all have been waiting for! I think!!! LOL Karel (currently of Crafty Accents ) has created yet another fantastic kit called "Lighthouse Port_KYH" and BOY is it gorgeous! Check it out....
and yet another preview....
Mind you, these previews are just a small preview of this kit's contents! You really must check this one out!
Here are the LO's I made using this kit....
First LO....

and here is the 2nd one....

If you like these, wait until you see the QP's! Yes...I am offering them here for a short time on my blog.
I can not tell you for how long, but you better get them while you can. Just CLICK ON THE PREVIEWS to download.

Ok, that's all I have for this week. I'm sorry for my delay in posting, but you all KNOW I am not one of those DAILY bloggers, but I will try to have something for you at least once a week. Deal? LOL
Don't forget, visit these 2-ladies and be sure to say "HELLO" and feel free to browse and SNAG while you are there!...See you all sometime next week...hopefully with even more freebies.
Take care and have a great weekend! :-)

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 20 Jun [LA 03:34am, NY 05:34am, UK 10:34am, OZ 08:34pm]).