Good Morning!! Are you rained out yet?

We have had a lot of rain in my neck of the woods...how about you? It also has been in the 90's too! You know what that means.... yep "tornados". We have had our share of those "puppies" too! One night the sirens (warnings) were so bad, we left our home and went to our son's house (Travis). They were not getting the warnings like we were! As soon as one of the sirens shut off...just a few seconds later it was on again! It was nerve racking, that's what it was. LOL I sure do miss my basement from my old house! This new house don't have one :-(

OK, I some great shares for you, and I have some great blogs to share with you, too!! You really should check them out!

1st...Karel at Crafty Accents is having a GREAT sale at her store! YOU can not beat her prices!! You got'ta check out her graphics/kits! OH...and you don't want to miss her FREEBIES as well! I just snagged them, how about you?
Check it out...you can now get this Hunny Bears QP for Free!!!

and I also found these adorable graphics there too! They're Cupcakes! Adorable cupcakes!

Don't they look YUMMY?! :-) These would be GREAT for doing a birthday LO, don't you think?
Now, head on over to Karel's "Crafty Accents" and snag these up before they're gone...and while you're there, don't forget to check out the kits that match these and all the other wonderful Cuties she has to offer! Great work Karel!! TY so much for sharing with us!

2nd...Michelle at Crafty Scraps is having a GREAT sale and a WHOLE LOT'A fun things going on over there. When was the last time you were there? HUMMMM? lol You don't know what GREAT fun you're missing if you haven't been. And FREEBIES....my, my....you really should go...and say Hello if you do....and don't forget to say Thank You if you pick up the goodies....at all the sites. It's so nice to KNOW someone appreciates your shares and likes your work...so keep the Encouragement comeing, to all of us...yes, even me! When I get a TY, I just feel so warm and encouraged, as I know someone likes what I made. So...ENCOURAGE the designers when you snag...:-) That wasn't a sales pitch either. LOL
Back to Michelle... If you haven't been...she has a GREAT new kit up, called SPOIL DAD, it is awesome! She asked her CT's (one being me...lol) to use the kit to create a QP to share with her readers. Yes, the GIVE-Away-a Day has started...there is an awesome QP up for SNAGS now. Go check it out!

And be sure you GRAB the kit while you are there...OH...and check out the rest of her store...It is awesome! Again, the PRICE is RIGHT! These girls are awesome! You'll see!!!
Besure to visit daily to SNAG all of the FREE QP's! Yes, I have one too...

if you like this one, you will be able to snag it from Crafty Scraps blog as well, Keep watching and Snagging!

Of course the QP doesn't have HUBBY in it! LOL or the text. lol and I also made another one (I forgot! LOL)

I only made a QP of this one...I have yet to do a LO...but I would Love to see what you do with them, as I KNOW Michelle would too, with any and all of them! So... let's get to Snag'n and shar'n too! lol

3rd...there's Tracy D! Oh wow! You should visit her blog and her store!!! If you have never been to Tracy's blog "Tracy's Scraps", you do NOT know what you have been missing. This girl has some AWESOME freebies to offer as well as a FANTASTIC template designer! And check out her PRICES at her store GROOVY SCRAPS! These girls are just too awesome! You'll see!!! Go check it out!
And don't forget she has a new AWESOME kit for sale, remember this one?... And the PRICE IS RIGHT... Go scheck this out...It's called...

Isn't this gorgeous!!!
When I need a Quickie...I just head on over to Tracy's blog, snag another Template (I snag them all! LOL) and WaaLaa...the work is done...I just click, fill and add my photos and text...my page is done! Yep, it's that easy! The hardest part is choosing the pattern or color to fill each selection and what element I want to use on this one...lol You have got to try one, if you never have. Tracy does a fantastic job creating these! Thank you so much Tracy for these awesome templates! OH...but that's not all she has!!! Believe me, you will spend some MAJOR time browsing/snagging while you are there! TRUST ME!!!
Don't forget to grab this QP I made for Tracy, and be sure to visit her blog to SNAG this up Sthis kit!

I really love this kit! The colors are right up my ally! I think Purple is probably my favorite color and Lavender is probably my favorite SHADE of this color. Thank You Tracy for this fantastic kit!! TY for allowing me to create a QP with it! Now, you all go GRAB this kit while the coupon from her blog is still effective...15% off! Isn't that great!??

And when was the last time you visited Maryse's blog or at her store "Digi Scrapbook"? I'm telling you, you should make it a DAILY thing to visit these ladies...and so - so many more! I could spend my day going from site to site, I tell you! LOL So many nice freebies and awesome kits. You don't want to miss these!

BTW, if any of you missed the 2 free QP's I made from Maryse's newest kit...

you can still grab them here,

oOf course this is a LO of my grandson's birthday [Gavin], but the PERSONAL info and photo are NOT included in the QP!...sorry. lol

and then there's the 2nd one...I love how this one turned out! I like the 4-photo option.

Again, you have to add your own personal info and photos...lol
Isn't this just the cutest thing...this boy LOVES to help mamaw bake! Who knows, he might grow up to be a Chef!!! Wouldn't that be something? lol

4th...Steph of "Digital Art by Steph" has some AWESOME kits available for download on her blog. She just recently posted her LATEST KIT.. Check it out...

I love this kit, and her word art is always so special to me.
And if you like this one.... YOU HAVE GOT to check out her past kits! Steph is NEW in the world of Scrapbooking...but she is NO STRANGER to using Paint Shop Pro. OH! Did I tell you, she also writes tutorials to help us to make these lovely scrap elements and more. You can find her tutorial site at "Digital Tuts by Steph
You will definitely want to bookmark both of her links and keep visiting back! I know I do!
Ok, I think that about covers it for today. Hummmm, it looks like I've become a MONDAY blogger, you think? lol
Take care, come back to see me, who know what I'll have for you next week, if anything? lol You won't know if you don't stop back, right? lol
Later! :-)

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