OMGosh! Am I on a Roll or What???

Well, I know I just posted Friday evening/Saturday Morning...and here I am again!

Yep...this is URGENT! As you will soon find out why...lol Don't you just love it when people do that? NOT! lol

Anyway, I want to say...TY sooooooo much to all of you who downloaded one or more of my HUGE share in my last post....(8 QP's wasn't it?). They are all still available in my previous post if you missed them. LOL
Keep the comments coming...and I'll keep creating the QP's for you! LOL

I have started some of the much dreaded packing...so as time gets closer, I'll be missing from here, more and more...but I'm sure you all have to know that when I take a break...I WILL be PSP'ing! LOL
At least until my PC gets packed up...and I promise you, that will be one of the 1st things I move! LOL

OK... enough jibberish... I wanted to get this information posted to you all, as there is only today and tomorrow left to take advantage of this AWESOME sale.
SALE?? Yes, you heard me... MIS (Make It Scrappy) is liquidating their stock! The store is closing. So don't delay... RUN-RUN over to Make it Scrappy and take advantage of the 50-75% OFF sale! Sale ends tomorrow... March 31st...so what are you waiting for? lol
Go-Go-Go...but wait...you might want to grab a couple of QP's while you are here...or maybe come back after you are finished shopping at MIS! LOL

Now...if you are still here... lol I have a couple of NEW items for you... One is a wonderful kit created by ObiVe. She is a wonderful lady whom I met at RAK Scraps.
She, too, participated in the March challenge and since she doesn't have a blog of her own, she asked if I would post her kit on my site. Are you kidding? I would love to!
She did a fab job on this kit...and get this, it's her FIRST one!
Congrants! ObiVe...great job!
Click HERE or on the PREVIEW to download...

"SPRING" by ObiVe

Isn't this so cute? I just love the elements in this one! Can you read the text on the bottom paper...
"Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party'!" I love it!

Also... I did a page for Tracy D [dranet]...as I felt so bacd about NOT mentioning her in my last post. Shame-shame on me... I am so sorry Tracy. I sure did not mean to do that.
Yes, folks, I do CT for Tracy from time to time, but mostly I am her QC person...or Quality Check person. LOL
[So...if you buy one of her kits and find a Boo-boo or as I call them "dirty britches", then it's my fault]. LOL
Tracy trusts me to catch that stuff before they go to her store. LOL So...LET ME KNOW before you tell Tracy! LOL Just kidding. Actually, I hope you never find anything wrong with them. LOL

OK.... enough... I think Tracy will forgive me,...this time! LOL
Here's the LO I made using her beautiful kit "Vintage Love Affair" kit, and what better photos than the ones I chose... You MEN can appreciate this one, right?...lol

click HERE or on the PREVIEW to download....

If you know my oldest son... like his father, he has a "fettish" for the OLD cars. He has always wanted a Camaro z28, now he has one! lol I can't wait to see it when he gets it finished...but it is a "fixer-upper" so it will take some time. One advantage that he's going for himself, is the fact that he's a professional 'body/paint' man...so it won't cost him a "small fortune" to fix it up. Good luck Kevin!

Also... I have some GREAT news for you... Over at DECO PAGES, they have a GREAT newletter that comes out on the 1st of each month. I hear there will be another JUDGING contest thingy going on again in April...so HEAD on over and get signed up for their NEWSLETTER! And if you do...Watch for the announcement on how you can GET this QP absolutely FREE...[just not on my blog this time...lol]

I created this LO/QP from Deb Ammerman's kit
"Vintage Pinstripe Summer".
[This preview is only a small portion of what's in this kit]!

I had this photo in mind while I was creating the LO, too. I think Aunt Frances is going to love this one when she sees it. lol
OH... Who's Aunt Frances? Well, she's NOT my Aunt, but she seems like one to me. She's my sister's hubby's Aunt, actually...but I just love her as though she was mine. She is the sweetest thing! Just like an Aunt should be! LOL Love ya Auntie!

And finally, one more FREEBIE for you all before you go... TY for your patience. I really hadn't planned on posting again before Wednesday or Saturday, OH well.
You can thank my back for these, it's been giving me problems these past few days...
You see, if I can't clean or whatever...and the only thing I can do is sit, then I prefer to be doing something, so I come here [my PC]...I get BORED with TV. LOL

Anyway.. .I did this page using Lynn Griffin's kit "Sweet Pea". This is the 2nd time I've used this kit to create a LO/QP. I just love this kit!
This one is of my youngest son and his wife, Tiffany and of course GAVIN. I know a lot of you know Gavin. LOL
Yes, I babysit him 5 days a week. He's like my own...or should I say, like raising Travis all over again. He is sooooo much like him when he was young!
Anyway... back on track, here's the preview of Lynn's beautiful kit...
"Sweet Pea"

I just love going back after a period of time and reusing some of the kits, don't you?...Especially these bigger kits...did I say bigger??? I mean HUGE! Lynn is one of the few designers that still gives MANY elements to her kits. I LOVE that... the Elements are what makes the LO's...at least I think so. LOL
And if you like this kit, you can snag yet another QP I made
HERE or click on the PREVIEW to download...

Now...how adorable is this anyway? With some of his expressions, he just steals my heart! All 5 of them do! I guess that's the MAMAW in me!
OH! And a little birdie tells me we are getting the 6th one in October...Congratulations Travis and Tiffany! Gavin will finally have a little "play mate"!
Spsssst... I made this page for Tiffany for Mother's Day this year...dont' tell her! LOL I send these links to Tiffany, but she is so busy, I don't think she gets time to see them. LOL My luck, this will be the ONE time she visits my blog! LOL Oh well. LOL

Anyway.... that's it for today...as I said...as I make them, I'll share them. LOL
Pssst...You better enjoy while you can...hehehe...as this can't keep up much longer...lol (ye'a, right!...lol) Who's doing the packing??? YIKES!!! Gott'a run! I am so "in trouble!" lol


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim S. said...

Thank you for this great kit and fantastic QPs!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for all your FAB QP's!!!!!!!!!!!!!