Wow, is this goodie week or what?

First of all, TY - TY to all of you! You have been so kind in your comments and emails! I really love it and so appreciate everyone of them. You are the nicest people I know! I just love coming here and reading the comments and getting emails is such a wonderful surprise too. I am just beside myself that you all like my work well enough to not only download it...but to comment on it too. You just MAKE MY DAY! :-)
So, to show my appreciation to all of you who have taken the time to say 'hello' or even just a simple 'Thank You'... I am giving you a gift, too...well more than one. lol
See, being nice and polite pays off! lol

I have so much to post so I will get right to it.

First... before we get started.... I want to give you all a little update or FYI..
I am going to be moving in the next few weeks. The "scheduled" weekend is to be April 25th, as I said, "Scheduled" is the key word. However, we are to be moved into the new home by May 1, so we better be able to start moving that weekend. LOL
Second, as the weather permits, I will be spending less and less time on here, [17 years in one home is a LOT of accumulation and a lot to move/sort...lol
So don't think I've deserted you if you don't see/hear from me. This will be the reason why I am 'MIA'. I hope to be back sometime after the first part of May, but my home has to be back in ORDER before I do. LOL I hope you can understand that. lol

One more thing, I am planning to do more QP's using Karel's (Crafty Accents) kits and also for Michelle McCoy (aka: MMC or Crafty Scraps).
Be sure to keep an eye out, as I am planning to do more of Maryse Vincent's (Pas si Shabby blog) kits as well.
I also CT for Lynn Griffin (Lynn's Scrap Attic) and Deb Ammerman (Deco Pages). I think that's enough designers for one person, especially me, don't you? LOL
I'm just so grateful to these designers, that they all work with me so well and are so sweet and understanding of my time issues. These are the BEST bunch of ladies I have EVER worked for!

OK...enough of the FYI's...I have a TON of FREEBIES for you all today! So let's get started, Shall we? (wink)
OH... what was that? Yes, you will need to grab something to drink and probably a snack while you're at it. We'll wait on you, don't worry. :-)

OK...now let's get started.
First of all I have 3, yes, you heard me right, 3-QP's that are being offered over at Michelle's blog, along with many more! These were created for her March Newsletter "Spring" Challenge. It's over now, but it's not too late to go SNAG the FREE QP's that were entered into the challenge.
I made the first QP using one of Michelle's kits called "Scrappin Lounge Freebie", (click on the title to go to her new STORE, and the GRAND OPENING is scheduled for April 1st!).

Here's the preview of this FREEBIE kit ... You can only get it from the Newsletter (in the left hand column at her blog, Hurry!

and you can grab the QP I made with this kit HERE ...

the second one, I made using a variety of Michelle's kits, these are:

1. "Thingy~Ma~Jigs"

2. "Spring Flowers"

3. "Prayers for Jazz"

4. "Hoppin Cute"

and 5. "Christmas minis 'GRAB' Bag2"

You can grab this QP HERE

and the last one for this challenge, I made using my own kit, from RAK's Spring Challenge, (you can still SNAG this kit from my previous post).
You can grab the QP from HERE

I added this one to her challenge as I was the designer of this kit, (so there's no Copyright issues to worry about)....lol

Are you ready for a break now..or shall we keep moving along? LOL

Just a reminder, it's too late to join Michell's March challenge, (as I said before, it's now closed). But, be sure you head on over to Michelle's blog to get signed up for her Monthly Newsletters, so you can participate in the April Challenge and every month after that!
OH...and don't forget to SNAG those FREE QP's and Michelle's other special "goodies" while you are there!

OK... Next, we have the Beautiful kit by Maryse Vincent, and it's called...

This is such a GREAT kit, I just had to do 2 QP's! I love COUNTRY stuff...can you tell?

You can grab the 1st QP HERE

And the 2nd one HERE

Yes, I made a layout (LO) this time. LOL I had to scrap one of the 12 "beautiful" roses my hubby got me for Valentines this year!
(Pssst...it's the first time in 37 yrs he's ever gotten me a dozen roses for Valentines!
Do you suppose it was because I was so sick...remember, when I had that stinking virus?....Naaaa, it was because he LOVES me. lol)

Be sure you visit Maryse's Blog as well as her Store, as there are so many goodies at both and soooooo much more!

Next, is a very pretty kit made by Karel (Crafty Accents) and it's called "A Garden Tribute". OH! I just love this one too! I already made one QP and gave it to you a couple of weeks ago...remember this one?

Again, another Country look kit... LOVE-LOVE it!

You can grab this QP HERE

Yep, I did another LO, using this kit and QP. lol Isn't this pretty? My son did a great job on this pond. I love these ponds, don't you?

And I made a LO from Karel's cute little kit called "Bullfrog Creek". I LOVE this one! This is my brother, Mitchell at Lake Cumberland. He LOVES to fish, so I can only imagine what he was thinking. LOL Huh, Mitch? LOL
You can grab this one HERE

OK... we're almost finished. I told you I had a bunch for you... 8 in all, I think. LOL

This last one is from my own kit " Dayz of Wine n Rosez". I decided to make a QP from this one as well. It works out really nice for any celebration type page, and that was my goal.
You can grab this one from HERE

Well, kids. That's all I have for you today. I know, I should've spread them out over the next few weeks, but if you know me... "Out of sight, out of mind"...and I would have forgotten to post them for you all to snag.
Besides, I promised you that I would post them, as I created them. I try to keep my promises, if at all possible.

I hope this helps to make up for all of the time I will be gone. [wink]
Mostly, it's just a big o'le Thank You to all of you who have been so kind to say "HELLO" and "Thank You"...it's a true inspiration for me. And I do Thank YOU.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy your downloads, and if anyone has any suggestions for a kit [full or mini] I am all EARS. lol
Keep checking back, especially on Saturdays...you just never know what might be waiting for you! [wink] lol

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