Good Morning and a little Update...

Good morning! Hope you all are having a great weekend. I woke up to a "going to rain" morning, but that's ok. The plants need the rain, as long as it's not snow, not now anyway. lol

Look at my patio peach tree it's in bloom and so pretty

and here's my Magnolia tree!

They are both just off my patio and beautiful [both in bloom and color]. I'm really going to miss these! I am afraid to transplant them now, since they are in full bloom, it might kill them. So, I'll just buy new ones and start over. lol

I wanted to give you all a little heads up, you can now hurry on over to Deco-Pages, and vote for the winning LO (3 lovely pages to choose from) and then as your reward for voting, you can NOW snag the QP I made using Deb Ammerman's kit "Vintage Pinstripe Summer". If you like this preview....{CLICK ON the LO PREVIEW to go to the voting section}. Besure you browse the rest of this site. There's soooooo much for you to do there!

Then get on over there and vote so you too, can have the QP! If you download, please leave a comment for the 3 entries and let Deb know you did vote. I say congratulations to all who entered, they were all so wonderfully done, and congratulations to the 3-finalists too! I voted, and I'm not telling! lol It was hard to choose, so I decided to let "my taste" decide on who I would vote for. So, if you know me, they you probably know who I voted for! LOL

Also, Michelle at Crafty Scraps is having a contest for the whole month of April. I have created 2-QP's for this one, too! It is a BABY MONTH theme, called April Baby Challenge and ANYONE can participate.... You will all be able get many wonderful BABY QP's at the end of this . Please visit and be sure to participate, the more the merrier...right? Let's see those wonderful creations! What I have seen so far are just too adorable!
OH...and Michelle is doing a CT give-away once a month, too. Guess what this week is? Yep, so you better hurry on over there [since someone was LATE posting this info...lol]. The GIVE AWAY started on MONDAY, April 15th! Go grab those GREAT QP's from each of her designers! [Ah-hummm, I am one of those designers, too]! LOL Yes, I created 2 pages myself...You want to see which ones? Here's a little preview of one..

Go check out her site! lol Have fun SNAGGING, I did! Still am! lol Besure you say hello to Michelle while you're there and don't forget to grab her personal FREEBIES as well. Pssst... You definitely DON'T want to miss her Crafty Scraps Store, either, she has some really awesome prices, [practically "give-away" prices]! Go see for yourself!

Michelle, I am praying for you sweetie, and hoping that all of the tests come out good. Keep you chin up kid, we all love you.
Michelle is such a trooper. She is such an inspiration to me. The things this poor girl has had to go through and she's still a REAL trooper! I completely admire her! She is a real ROCK for me. My complaints are NOTING to what she has to go through. Yet, she remains so positive! When I feel down (depressed or in one of my moods "pitty party" I call it) I just visit Michell's blog, read about her current life or what's going on lately, and I SNAP right out of it. Because I know in my heart, there is someone much, much worse off than I, and I say, "SHAME on me"! God Bless you Michelle for being such an inspiration for me, you are a TRUE trooper. Without you and God, I could not be the person I am today.
TY, Michelle, for your lovely creations and TY soooooo much for sharing so freely with us all! [wink]

Update on our move... We will be moving 1-week from today. Yes, I am getting there, but I'm not finished yet! I have most of the "delicate" stuff packed away safely in boxes. Now, the dreaded "closets".... YUK!!
Man! I did not know those closest could HOLD so much! lol I must be a REAL organizer, that's the only way all that could fit in there! So...since this is a rainy day, this is the perfect time to start boxing up those closets.

Talk about a HUGE yardsale, I think I am going to be having one of those after we get moved! I found stuff, [good stuff], but I just don't use it anymore, and honestly, I completely forgot about it. You know, out of site-out of mind? The way I see it, I've done without it for who knows how long now, so I might as well sell it or give it away.
Yes, if I feel you are "needy" or don't have much and I think you would like it and appreciate it, I would NOT sell it to you...no... I would just GIVE it to you, but I wouldn't have the heart to sell it to you. LOL I know, that's why I'm not rich, right? LOL That's ok... The LORD knows my heart and I believe he takes good care of me. Anyway, my point is, I probably won't make much from my sale, as I tend to "GIVE" it away (either dirt cheep or just GIVE it to the interested party.
So, be sure you don't miss my BIG yard sale! LOL Pssst....It would be worth it, just to see you there! LOL I would love to see you ALL!

I also wanted to let you all know, I will be loosing my internet sometime this coming Friday (April 25th] and I probably won't be back on for a whole week. That's ok, I won't have time for the PC anyway, what with the moving and unpacking and all.
Did you know, it has taken me 3 weeks to pack up? I can only imagine what it will be to unpack! What's that? Did you say you wanted to help me? Oh, you didn't? Are you sure you won't change your mind? I'll have soft drinks and fresh coffee for you, I'll even COOK for you! NO? Well, I tried. lol (Can't say I blame you for turning down the cooking! lol) Just kidding. I am a pretty good cook, when I want to be. lol (toot'n my own horn...lol)

This will probably be the last post from be until I'm back up and running again. I will have so much to do once I do come back! YIKEs! lol Make sure you vist all of the designers I create for... Lots of SALES going on right now! You don't want to miss them! You will find their links on the right side of my blog. Take care, and have a GREAT week... April! LOL Guess what? I just looked outside... .the sun is shinning and it's looks like it's goign to be a BEAUTIFUL DAY! And I need to PACK! Hummm, will it get done today? Let's take a vote, shall we? lol
See you all again in May! Be good while I'm gone! [Wink]

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