It's SNOWING and BLOWING, and I'm staying in!

Good Morning everyone, did you miss me? LOL I didn't think so...hehehee

Yep, we woke up to a thin sheet of ice on the roads and driveways. It took Jr an extra 45 minutes to get home today! I was worried when I got up and he wasn't home yet. I called him on his cell [than goodness for cell phones at times like this!], he said he was almost home. That was such a relief!

I originally planned to share with you on Saturday, but my hubby had other ideas. Did I say
he was a shopping fool? LOL Normally you could not even get him near a store for "Shopping", or anything else, he hates it!
But Saturday and Sunday, he seemed to LOVE it! I was still recovering from my "flu" virus, so needless to say not only was my back and legs hurting me, but by the time we got home, I was so tired.
I took a nap that lasted a good hour and a half! I'll sure be glad when I get back to my normal old self! lol I am pretty much there now. Yesterday was the 1st day I felt like my old self in 4-WEEKS! Yep, this virus really "bit" me! TY all for being so patient with me.

I want to say again, that I can not thank you all enough for your wonderful comments and support. I really appreciate them! You all are my "incentive" to create more and more...and give them away, too! I usually file my QP's and save to DVD for a rainy day. But since you all seem to like my work so much, I will continue to share with you(provided the designers of the kits let me...lol). Keep the comments coming, weather they are good or bad. LOL I've not gotten a bad comment yet...but I am sure it's coming! How's that old saying go...
"You can please some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can't
please all the people all the time
". LOL Woha! What a mouth full! lol Anyway, I love reading your comments, and I thank you all for taking the time to leave one.

I have some good news today. I did a page for Mayrse Vincent using her lovely kit "Simplement". It's part of a Callobration kit with (get this) 5 designers participating! [these designers are, Fraisinette, Maryse Vincent, Mesokee, Miss Vivi and Redju!
Maryse is the only one that has given me permission to share the QP matching the LO I made from her part of this kit.
If I get permission from the other ladies I will share the QP's with you. Maryse has some awesome SHARES at her blog and there are lots of FREEBIES in her store , you really should check them out. Don't forget to check out the awesome kits in the store while you are there! Great prices on them, too!

Ok...no more chit chat, except to say, just keep checking back maybe a couple times a week.
I'm sorry I'm am not a STEADY blogger, but my family and home life comes before the PC, I hope you can understand that. LOL

Here is a preview of the LO I made using this wonderful kit.
I did a "tribute" of sorts of Gene and Joanie, sort of a "Through the Years" type of theme.
If you would like the QP to this LO, just click on the preview or you can snag it HERE.

I really like the way this one came out. I tubed Gene from a photo where he was sitting in the living room in the small trailor that he and Mitchell lived in what staying in Rogers, OH. Yep, batchlers in High School! lol Gene always patterened his playing after Chet Adkins and he loved Roy Clark too! He really does sound like Chet and he can even play 2- tunes at one time, like Chet does! He's really good on the guitar.
But Gene, spssst....I have yet to HEAR YOU SING! lol Isn't that awful? After all these years, I can not tell you if he can sing or not. I'll lay odds that HE CAN, he's just too shy. LOL Love y'a bubby!
Don't they make a cute couple, Gene and Joanetta, I mean?!
Ahh the good o'le days when we were young and life had so many wonderful surprises for us! Ahhh, Calgon, Take me Away! lol

I have more QP's to share in the future, but I am still waiting on permission from the designers first. I always send the preview to them, and let them tell me if I can share or not. That's why it so important that you visit them and tell them how much you appreciate them allowing me to share. They don't have to do that, you know? They could say no, and choose to sell the QP's instead. I just think it is so awesome of them to allow me to have something to share with you all. Anyway, when I get their permission, I will be back to share all of the QP's I have made with you!

I'll see you all next time, possibly Saturday, [if nothing happens to change my plans]! Hubby is working, so that won't be the problem! LOL
Come back soon, or I'll miss you! :-( lol

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