Good Friday Morning!

Wow, I have been getting quite a few comments. I only got 1-comment on how you would like me to share my kits...hummmm, so I guess it's up to me then, huh? lol

I want to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to "LouisianaLady". Sweetie, it is people like you that makes me WANT to create and then share it. TY so much for your sweet-sweet comment. I truly enjoyed reading every word.
Pssst... LouisianaLady, (wink) If you EVER want a special QP, just let me know what colors and an idea of the elements and word art (if any) that you would like to use, and I will do my best to try to make it for you. You know, Until you mentioned it, I had no clue that there were some people who did not CREATE their own LO's from kits or from scratch.
I just thought you all liked using QP's when you're in a pinch! Wow... This is awesome! Now I will feel like I am accomplishing something each time I post a FREE QP. Just for people like yourself. (wink)
I hope you will keep checking back as I will be posting more FREEBIES as my time frees up.

As for my kits that I create, I am still up in the air on that SHARING decision. I'll keep you all posted on my blog. It's going to be a while before I am ready to post any kits. I do have a few "tea-stained edges" papers made and some ribbons and other elements. But that's about it. We'll see. lol

Today, I want to share with you all 2 very lovely LO's made by my friend Myna.
These were made using her son's graduation photos. Isn't he gorgeous? If I was a YOUNG lady and lived near him...hummm...lol Naaaa, Jr has my heart. (wink)
Myna, ty so much for sharing your pages with us. But listen up...."You best keep that boy under wraps"...those girls will snatch him up right from under your nose! LOL You have a very handsome young man. Tell him I called him a MAN. lol

Ok... Here is the first LO Myna made....
Nither of hese have BOWs...that was her son's only request. lol

This is the 2nd time I sent the QP to Myna, and the one she REALLY wanted in the first place. lol

Here is the 1st one I sent her, (psssst, can you see the difference? lol Not exactly what she had in mind....YIKES! But I fixed, didn't I Myan? (wink)

This one had NO Journal paper (somebody removed it...lol)
I misunderstood what Myna was wanting the first time around. I not only removed the heart tag with the bow, I also removed the journaling paper as it had those ties (one could mistake them for bows...lol). Then I saved it as an 8x10 QP and sent it to her.

Well now, after re-reading her email, & checking my QP's once again, Duhhhh, I saw it as plain as the NOSE on my face! There is a BOW on the tag in the 1st QP! I can't believe I missed that!
Well, needless to say, I went right to work and gave her "QP1" again, but, without the "girly bow" as her son, Blake, called it. LOL Now you can see why they are so similar, yet different. Sorry about that Myna!

Well kids, I have NO freebies today, but I was so pleased to see what Myna did with these. It also shows you that YOU CAN ADD your own elements to almost any QP, too. (That's if someone like me, doesn't fill it up first. LOL) I will try in the future to keep that in mind and I'll try to make them NOT SO BUSY. Wish me luck on that one! Everything has to be balanced, or it drives me nuts! Soooo with that said, I guess I'll see you all in the NUT HOUSE! LOL Just kidding.

Take care, and who knows, I just might be back on track by tomorrow and give you all another GOODIE. But you won't know if you don't check back, now will you?

Again, TY ALL so much for your wonderful words of encouragement and for downloading my QP's. That tells me I'm doing something right. Please do drop by all of my Designers' blogs and tell them TY too...and browse around if you are FREEBIE hunting, most of them offer FREEBIES as well!!! Don't miss them!

Take care...see you soon.

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