A day late, 'n a dollar short! hehehee

Yes, I know, I was suppose to post yesterday. I'm soooooo bad. Can I please come out of the corner now? lol

We ended up with an official 14-inches of snow and drifts 3-4 foot high in some areas. This is the biggest snowfall we have seen in over 20 yrs, I do believe.
We started out under a winter advisory on Thrusday evening, then by Friday we were under a Blizzard watch due to the windy conditions. By noon we were under a Blizzard Warning, because of the 45 mile an hour winds and the heavy falling snow. LOL It was Beautiful, but scary. Beautiful because I was inside and scary because I had family and friends out in it (still at work!)
Anyway, at this time, we are still on a level #2 advisery, because the back roads and country roads are still unsafe, some are still closed. I live in town, so the sun is shining and it really doesn't look that bad here, but when you leave town, it's another world!

OK...back to business...lol I have another QP to share with those of you who collect them. lol BTY...TY all for you support and wonderful comments. I LOVE THEM! I really appreciate those of you who take the time to comment. Even if it's just to say TY. LOL

This one I created using a kit from CraftyAccents (Karel) and it's called

I just thought this was so adorable!! I wanted to use "kids" and something fun, so this is what I made from it...

[PSSSST.....there are no pictures or text on this QP! LOL]

This is my niece's grandkids (Joyce, Wanda's daughter). As you can see it's only 3 of the 6 grandkids. These are the kids by Nolan III's first wife. I will do the twins and Brittany in another page. or maybe the same QP! LOL They were at a picnic at a park, and I thought these pictures were perfect for this kit/QP!
Now... let's see what you all do with it! LOL

Doesn't Karel have the cutest graphics? I just have so much fun working with her kits. Did I tell you she hand paints pretty much ALL of her graphics! I am soooooooooooo jealous! LOL I'm thrilled she lets me use her kits to create with! TY Karel!!! [hugs]

Right now, I am working on a "special project" for Karel, and I can say, I have 4 pages finished now. I am hoping this one turns out really well and that she thinks so too! Cross your fingers! Maybe Karel will let me give at least 1 of the pages away on here... what do you all think? Would you like that? I can tell you this much, it's a mini-album and it's a 4x6 inch finished page. That's all you get for now. LOL

That brings me to a question, what sizes do you all prefer? I normally create an 8x10 or vice-versa...I know some like the 12x12, but my printer won't print that size so it's no good to me... and I know there are 8x8 albums out there, but I prefer to print on a 8.5 x 11 photo paper and I slip mine down into a Plastic clear sleeve and put into a notebook. I would cover the notebook with material (like the old wedding albums...remember those?) or paint/draw directly onto the notebook and embellish it to give it that "scrap" look. What do you all do?

I would love some feedback so I know what the majority would like. So, let me hear from y'a!

OK...until next time...and who knows when that will be...lol Soon we hope, lol You all take care, keep warm and be safe. :-)


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Very cute QP, thank you!