I've been busy!

Yes, I have been very busy this week both in my home life and on the pc!
I have a lot to post today, so I will be a brief as I can.

Today, I have SOME great Quick Pages to share with you all...so bare with me. I can not impress on you all how important it is to drop by and see these ladies to let them know how much you enjoy downloading the FREE QP's I give to you on my blog. Without their permission, I would not have the first QP to share with you. So, please take a moment to visit their web sites even if just to say Hello. But I do believe while I was there, I would browse a bit... (snicker).

First, Great news! I agreed to be a part of Deb Ammerman's CT team (at Deco-Pages).
Not to be a part of her normal team, but I will be listed as her "Guest CT".
This means, when I have some spare time, I will ask her for a kit and in return, I will make her a LO using that kit. Once that LO is finished, and when I feel I have time again, I'll ask for another kit...etc. Now you get the picture. LOL
I explained to Deb I was just too busy right now, and she was really a doll about the whole thing...so a Long story made short, we came to an agreement and I am now on her CT Team.

Now...that leads me to the QP's I have for you all today. LOL
Yep... I have not one, but 2 great QP's to give you today that I made using 2-of Deb's kits.
1. Called "Grungy Day" and you can find this lovely kit at Deco-Pages, here's the preview of this kit.

and here's the LO Deb made from the QP I made with this kit!

She told me this is her hubby ridding his Go-Cart! How many of you all remember those?!! Watch out now, you will tell your age! lol I certainly remember them! YIKES!! [wink]
If you want this cute QP, just click HERE

2. Here is yet another great QP I made using her lovely kit "Everyday Thoughts".
Now, I have to tell you, this one really surprised me! I LIKE it!
Here is a preview of this lovely kit.

And here's my LO I made using this kit. It's a photo of my middle son and his wife with their daughter, Destiny.
[ a little "FYI" for my family members, this was taken before Austin was even thought of. LOL]

Now...if you like this one, you can snag the QP HERE

Please do visit Deb at her store at DECO-PAGES and say hello. OH and while you are there, browse her great kits! Be sure to tell her TY for allowing me to SHARE these lovely creations with you all.

Moving along...lol
Next, I have 2, yes you heard me, 2 great pages I did from Maryse Vincent's kit "Tutty Fruity2". You see, I could not decide, so I had to make 2 QP's!
Seriously, you really need to check these kits out, they are NOT small by any means!

Ok...back on track, Here is a preview of the fantastic kit!

You see, it's NOT a small kit! None of these kits I am posting today are!

Now here are the 2-QP's I made from Maryse Vincen't kit... look how different they LOOK!
1. This is the 1st one (grab the QP for this one HERE )

and here is the preview of the 2nd one (grab the QP HERE )

Of course you do not have to do as I suggest in the preview...there's only one PHOTO slot...but you can past a photo over any area you choose. There is PLENTY of room to add your own elements and embellishments, too!

And now, another adorable QP from Lynn Griffin's new kit "Touch of Love", isn't it just gorgeous! Here, check this preview out!

Didn't I tell you it was huge!
These designers have AWESOME kits, they are full of items to create with and none too skimpy!
You can find this kit at Lynn's store Digital-Scrap-Boutique, and be sure to take time to BROWSE while you are there too!
Drop by Lynn's Scrap Attic blog and say hello.

Again, PLEASE say thanks to these ladies for letting me post the Pages made from their lovely kits, & they are for you all to grab for FREE. They don't have to do that, you know? I really appreciate them doing that.

OK...here is a preview of the QP I made from Lynn's kit.
(You can grab the QP HERE)

I would LOVE to see a LO made using any of these QP's. Please email me the preview if you make one at " candiem@gmail.com " and I will be more than happy to share with everyone, here on my blog!

And finally, last but CERTAINLY not least is this DARLING-ADORABLE-CUTE kit by Karel of Crafty Accents.
I just adore her work. I LOVE the "Cute" look and the fact she hand paints most of her graphics herself, is just amazing. Being a fellow painter...[ I'm not a pro by all means...I just dabble in it...lol] I can appreciate the work that goes into these graphics.
If you love her work as much as I do, "HOP" on over to say hello and check out her designs, too.

Here is the preview of the kit I used "Hoppy Spring" to create this darling QP.

Just look how ADORABLE this kit is!

Now...if you liked this kit... check out my QP!

(You can grab the QP HERE )

Now I ask you, is this not perfect for a little Girls Easter pics? Or even Spring photos!
This one has 2-photo slots in the top.

I was thinking of making the bottom tag into a photo slot as well, then use this as a PHOTO MAT and frame it. What do you think? lol
Ummmm, Judy, you have 3 grand-daughters...hummmm, now there's a thought! lol Judy is my sister, for those of you who didn't know.

Ok. folks, I think that about covers it. I am so sorry for being so late posting. Today was a hectic day, filing my taxes and such, you know how it is [sigh]. But it's all done now.
I am taking a break from the PC for the rest of the night, I have been on her off and on most of the day.
You all have a GREAT weekend, what's left of it. And if you find ANY mistakes (and you probably will as I posted so much today) just comment in the comments section. I have my blog set to email me right away if you do. Make sure you leave me an email address if you need a response from me.
See you all next Saturday, if not sooner! [wink]

OH... someone asked once, I create ALL of my LO's and QP's at 300 pixels per inch and the size is almost always 8-inch x 10-inch pages or 10-inch x 8-inch. Seldom do I change that size. So, yes, they are printable. Does that answer your question? If not...email me. [winking] Night.


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Deb Ammerman said...

Hi Candie, Thank you again for joining me as a guest CT Member! I love the quick pages you have created with my kits! I think they are fabulous! I printed and framed the page with my husband on his go-cart and it is framed and sitting on my mantle in the living room! I hope everyone will enjoy the quick pages and come and visit us at www.deco-pages.com! Thanks again Candie!

Deb Ammerman

Angelsdigiscrap said...

HI Candie,
Well it's Monday, but I did make it by to say Hi and Congrats to you joining Deb's guest CT!! I know she's alot of fun to not only work with, but for too! I love her kits and I know you will enjoy working with them. I love the QP's you've made. Great Job! That Easter one is perfect for Lillie's Easter pics, if she even gets to wear her dress this year. It was so darn cold and windy last year. I put her dress on her and quickly changed her into something warmer. LOL. This year won't be as easy with her being almost 2 yrs old!! LOL. But the QP matches her dress!! Thanks for sharing the QP's!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY ALL so very much for ALL these AWESOMES QP's!!!!!!!!!!!