I know it's not Saturday...but hey, what's a few days?

Yep...I am a wee-bit early...but that's ok..right? I want to say TY to Michelle for using the blinkies I made her...what an honor that is for me! I think they turned out cute..and I am so glad she liked them. TY so much Michelle...you are just the nicest person. I have met quite a few super nice people just recently, Michelle being one of them.

It was through Michelle [from Crafty Scraps, I met Karel [of Crafty Accents]. Through this meeting, one thing lead to another and now I can share with all of you, I have agreed to become a CT team member for Karel, too! Isn't that great? I have always loved these ladies graphics (now that I know they are 2-separate people)...and just drooled over their art work! Now I have a chance to EARN Karel's kits! Yeaaa! TY so much Karel!!! This is the news I was talking about before, when I said I could NOT say anything about yet...now I can. LOL These two ladies are just SUPER nice...you will have to drop by and say hello...you too will see what I mean!

Now that I am making pages for Karel and for Lynn Griffin (from Lynn's Scrap Attic ), I will have more QP's to offer you maybe on a weekly basis. That's the plan anyway. LOL
So, you don't want to miss checking back more often. Spssssst...I am currently working on a page using a kit by Lynn, called "ONE PERFECT MOMENT", you won't want to miss this one. So far, even I LOVE it!
Here's a preview if this wonderful kit! Isn't it PRETTY?!!!

Go ahead...beat me to it...head on over there, pick it up and show us YOUR LOVELY LO's!

Until these ladies tell me differently, I will always share the QP's I make from there wonderful kits, here on my blog...yours for the SNAGGING. LOL How cool is that? So, if you are a QP "collector" you will definitely want to keep an eye out. lol

I would also like to mention one more wonderful person (they all are just so awesome) but I have not told you about this one yet. Miss Vivi wrote me and told me I COULD offer not one...but Both of the QP's I made using her "On The Road" kit to all of you FOR FREE!
Make sure you all visit these AWESOME ladies and Thank them! Without them, I would NOT be creating these pages.... much less giving them away!
I do thank them and I certainly appreciate their generosity. Please do visit them and tell them "TY" yourself.

I recieved an email from SammySSS, [one of my wonderful blog readers], and after I sent her the QP from the Kevin Jr kit made by Fishinmom, [Kim]..... you remember, the one I shared a couple of posts back? The post titled "Catch of the Day"...
Well, let me tell you, SammySSS made a wonderful LO using my QP! I just have to share it with you all, it is a beautiful page...TY Sammy for letting me share this.

Here you go...Check this BABY out! GREAT JOB. SAMMY!

Sammy, I have just one question...Who caught the MOST and the BIGGEST? lol

Ok... enough jibber-jabber...on to the FREEBIES! LOL What...you don't want them?
What's that??? I can't heeeeear you???
OH...you DO WANT THEM...lol Ok... here goes...

First I want to share the previews... then you just CLICK on the previews to be taken to the 4shared Download page.

This LO was made using Karel's kit "Hare Mail"...and it's just an adorable kit...

check it out this KIT's PREVIEW.....

Just look at all the wonderful elements in this kit!
Folks, I want you all to know, Karel hand-paints her graphics..and you can tell it, too. I always wanted to learn to do Tole painting...I don't know that this is what this is...but it sure looks like it to me! Either way...these are just AWESOME!
You have got to visit her store...and wouldn't this be a great kit for making EASTER pages or even "NEW BABY" announcements?!!

Ok...here is the LO I made. LOL Just playing around with your minds. LOL

I used a photo that I took this fall at my son's house. I just love this setting...and to hear that water run off the rocks...I could put a tent up and sleep out there in the summer! lol

Remember! Click on the PREVIEWS to go to the download page for the FREE QP's!

The next one I have to share today is from Michelle McCoy of ...yep...Crafty Scraps...
Check out this kit...it's AWESOME too! I love the elements in this one! Pssst...Michelle draws alot of her stuff too. Not all...but a lot! Seh might use some commercial graphics from time to time, but she does draw too!

Isn't this just toooo adorable? Check out that little bear holding the heart. Spssst... a little birdie tells me she did have a matching Love2 Bake series2_QP-mini kit up on her blog for SNAGGING...check it out! OH...and say Hello and TY while you are there...Tell her... "Candie sent y'a" ...lol

This is my youngest grand daughter, Taylor. She and Destiny were my little Baking helpers before Christmas. Can you tell? What gave it away? lol Believe it or not...we did do some "scratch" baking too!

Ok...shall we call it quites now? What? .... You say you want more? Are you sure? Well...you twisted my arm....lol Is your "Index Finger" sore yet?

OK, Here you go....moving on... See...I told you I had a quite a bit to share with you all today! Thought I was kidding, huh?

As I told you before, Miss Vivi so graciously allowed me to share the wonderful QP's I made with her ON THE ROAD kit. Spsssst... another birdie tells me, she has a FREEBIE addon to this kit on her blog, too....go check it out! Here's the preview of the FULL kit.

I am so glad to be able to share these with you all...and I would LOVE - LOVE to see what you all make with them...if you use them...I KNOW Miss Vivi and the other designers would too!

Enough chit-chat...here are the previews...

I didn't do a LO for this one...& I would LOVE to see one! HINT!!! :-)

Now...obviously, I did make a LO with this one!

This is my grandson, Austin and grand-daughter, Destiny..and the houses are across the street from my house...LOL This was our first BIG snow this fall...maybe 3-4 inches that time, and it was so pretty when it was fresh. By the time the kids got here to build "frosty", the temps had risen and the snow was melting..getting slushy...bad time to build a snowman. They didn't care. I laughed so hard at them I was in tears. That POOR snowman was so full of leaves and looked so pathetic...but they were proud..and I just loved the photos I got! lol They worked really hard! Look at "Frosty's smile"! You gott'a love 'em! lol

Can you believe it...these two pages are from the SAME kit? This KIT IS HUGE I TELL YOU, and well worth the money!!! I think I could even do yet another page and probably NOT use the same elements twice! You have got to see this kit...the preview is GREAT...but let me tell you...it seems to me, that you get more than what you see! Of course I have the Addon too! [wink] Wonder if that's why? lol

Well, folks, That's all I have for you today...and I probably WON'T be posting Saturday, since you got it all today...then again...check back and see! LOL

Make sure you check my NEW blinkies on the right hand side too, snag if you like...you are welcome to them...and PLEASE, PLEASE do tell these designers what you think of their hard work. Trust me...it most definitely is a big JOB to create/design a kit! I know...I'm still working on mine! LOL
Thanks to Michelle McCoy (Crafty Scraps) I now have some really-really nice bows to add to my kits. TY so much Michelle! I definitely will get some use of these and I will be using them ALOT! She did not use any ACTIONS or plugins to make these...she either scanned parts or hand drew...or used vectors and the Mesh tool to manipulate them! Trust me...been there done that... very time consuming and NOT easy to do!
You too, can get these wonderful bows listed under her Commercial Kits button, and at VERY-VERY reasonable price too! Don't believe me...go see for yourself!

Thank you all for dropping by...and I hope to be back real soon with more goodies. It's always so nice to hear from you...please do say "HI" I sure would appreciate it...just knowing you were here is awesome. Who knows...I just might keep sharing if you do! [wink]
See you next time. Night. "zzzzzzzzz"


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Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

MissVivi said...

Thank you Candie for yours sweet words !

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This is lovely1 Thank you so much for sharing.

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How beautiful this is. Thank you so much.