Hey! It's me again!

Yep, I finished that QP I said I was working on, yesterday. I will give it to you all in a few.

Oh, TY-TY all for your lovely comments and emails! Wow! I really was surprised! I really appreciate the TY's...I truly do...but without the designers and their wonderful talents, I would not have the "tools" to create these pages that I share with you. So, please do drop by their blogs and tell them "TY".
Who knows...you might find a goodie or two while you are there. You won't know if you don't visit them...right?
FYI-All of the LINKS to their blogs are listed on the right, with their blinkies, so you will be taken there when you click on them. How easy is that? lol

Please, do keep the wonderful comments coming..and any suggestions that you might have are welcomed too. I love hearing from you all! :-)

Secondly, there's something I want to address before I get to the freebies. LOL

It seems people are missing the "download" for the Kevin Jr. kit QP.
I am sooooo happy that you all like it and are still wanting to download it.

If you will go back to the very 1st post [about 4 posts down...or on the PREVIOUS POST at the bottom of my blog] you will see the actual Quick Page preview (QP) not the Layout (LO) preview...but the actual Quick Page preview. If you will CLICK on that preview....you will be taken to the 4shared download link.

But...just in case you are confused...I will re-post it here for you... lol How would that be? Huh? Now I ask you...how easy is that? lol

Click on this PREVIEW and you will go to 4shared for the download.

Don't forget to run over to Fishinmom's blog to thank Kim for this lovely kit (and maybe HINT to her about bringing this kit back...huh?)...without it...I would not have been able to make and share this page with you all.

Now... I am not going to be CHATTY tonight, it's almost my bedtime...and it's been a very long day. LOL Lucky for you all, huh? lol

Today, I am giving you the Quick Page (QP) I made from using Lynn Griffin's beautiful kit "One Perfect Moment". You can find it at her shop "Digital Scrap Boutique"

Again...here is the preview of this awesome kit...

Check this out... look what you can create using this kit!...and there's Much-much more you can do with this kit! All of her kits!

I even like this one...even if I did make it! LOL I hope you all like it as much as I do,
and believe me, if you do, you won't want to miss Lynn's kits. Go on over and check them out...Say "hey" while you are there...and leave Lynn a comment or two...TY so much Lynn...I love your kits! Now, I am off to work on more...after I've had a good night sleep that is. LOL

Have a great week, what's left of it. And remember, keep checking back. As I make these pages, I will be posting them.
Until next time (and who knows when that will be? lol) I bid you all a "Good Night". zzzzzzzzz


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

maryse said...

Lynn is one of my favorite designers, her job is so nice ! Thank you so much for sharing your QP with us !

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for ALL your AWESOME QP's!!!!!!!!!!