HI! I'm back!

Yep, I got my PC pretty much backed up...22-DVD's later and 3/4 of my HD back! Can you believe it, this was all the kit's I had snagged since September and any SCRAP related downloads. I just did a back up in late August or early September! I know...I LOVE Christmas...and that's what most of them were! lol

OK... on to business. I have lots of news to share with you, I think it's good news. lol I have mostly previews of LO's or QP's I have made recently. I can not share the QP's with you unitl the Designer gives me permission. So, you will have to wait to see.
HOWEVER! I do have one QP to share with you, I almost forgot!! lol I created a LO/QP using Michelle's mini-kits "Love2 Bake" series (over at Crafty Scraps ) and I also made the mistake of assuming Michelle and Karel are one and the same person. So I accidentally used one of Karel's kits from her "Ginger" series in this QP too! (You can find Karel at Crafty Accents ) I just DROOL when I visit these girls' sites. I love that "hand-painted" look they have. Come to find out...they both do paint some or all of their grapics. Spssssst... Karel is a PAINTER and she DOES paint her graphics! Go read all about these ladies! I want to thank both ladies for understanding my mistake and being so nice about it. I really felt bad that I did that. I don't POST any of the QP's or LO's until I have had the OK by the designer. Michelle did not realize the pieces that were not hers belonged to another designer, she thought I made them myself. Don't I wish! LOL Anyway...all is well and it's taken care of...and again, ladies I do apologize. (huggs)
Here is the QP I made for Michelle...you can grab it from her blog HERE.
Check out her Blog while you are there, too!

Or just click on the prevew to be take to CraftyScraps blog.

You will NOT want to miss out on these ladies FREEBIES...and MAKE sure you visit their stores...
Take a napkin or two with you, it's not nice to drool! Hoppin' around LOL

2nd...I have some GREAT news to share with you all. At least I think it's great news!
I have agreed to become a member of Lynn Griffin's CT team! She is the owner and designer of Digital Scrap Attic and Digital Scrap Boutique. Have you been to her sites lately? Oh my! Again, Drool! I just love her kits! I am so thrilled to be on her team! I can't wait to get started! TY Lynn for having me!

3rd...Again...great news, but it's still in the works, so I can't say much at this time. I can tell you this much, it's about another CT offer! I sure hope all goes well with this one! I just LOVE her kits! I'm really excited about this one...all of them! Again...I can't wait to get to use this designers kits too! OK...enough, I'll mess around and slip up and tell you more than I should...if I'm not careful...It's just that I am so excited from all this news! lol

OK...I am going to post the previews of the QP's or LO's I have made so far, for the different designers.
Under the previews you will be able to find the Designer's name/link and the title of the kit that I used to create the page with.
Please take a moment to go visit each of these links...YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

This is a kit made by Miss Vivi and Maryse Vincent called "Couleur d'Espoir" [or in English it's "Color of Hope"] and was designed to generate money for the "Cancer Cure Center".
My understanding is that the proceeds from the "QP-album" [that all the CT team members have made pages for], will be given to the center for further research and cures.
Let's all help to support them, what do you say? I know many of us have had an encounter with cancer one way or another, I know I have! More times then I care to count. No, not me personally, I thank the Lord above for that!
Pssssst......This kit is still on sale for a short time at a whoppin price of 1/2 off over at the Digi Scrapbook store! Go check it out!
TY Maryse and Miss Vivi for this wonderful gesture! I'm so glad to be a part of it! TY for asking me!

Here's the 2nd page I made from this same "Charity kit", to be used for this same album...

Of course the QP will not have any photos or personal text. lol YOU have to do that! LOL

Now...on to the next designer...lol

These pages I created for Miss Vivi, using her kit "On the Road". You can grab the Add-on portion of this kit on her blog and Grab the FULL kit at her store, Digi Scrapbook.

And here is the other one, I made a LO this time and titled it "Our 1st Big Snow".
In one of the photos, Destiny and Austin are making a snowman out of the 3-4 inchs of melting snow and using the yard leaves too! But the Snowman is SMILING! See it? lol

I can't decide which one of these pages I like the best! LOL When I saw this kit...I just knew I had to have it...Get this! There are pieces I have not even used yet! This is a really big and NICE kit! You have got to check it out!
Miss Vivi was so sweet to let me use this kit to create some QP's/LO's for her.
I have not gotten permission to share these pages, from her yet...so we'll see.

And finally, Yes...I am still working on a new kit for you all.
Yes, I have definitely decided on the name of it... I am calling it "Dayz of Wine n Rozes".
I have a few pieces made and I like what I have so far.
If you have ANY suggestions, please get them to me... candiem@gmail.com before I finish with the kit! LOL You never know, I just might use them! LOL

I have removed all past links posted before Kevin Jr's QP
. So if there was ANYTHING you wanted, please email me...or leave a comment in my Comments section (I get notified when someone comments...lol) and I will get back to you. I will definitely need a BLOG or EMAIL addy to reach you. You can also email me...My address is in the paragraph above this or in my personals section at the top right of my blog.

I am going to try to do better about my blogging, now that my drive is backed up...so I will be posting on Saturdays (if nothing else happens...lol) and you should make it a point to check by on Sundays at least. If I get time, I will post before Saturdays...and maybe more than once a week! LOL

I am planning to LEAVE all post (past posts) for 2008 up until 2009. Hopefully if you miss anything you will still be able to get it. Unless my 4shared gets too full...Yea, like that's going to happen. LOL

Have a great week...and I'll see you Saturday, if not before.

OH... where's my manners...(shying away) lol
I want to thank YOU all who commented for your lovely and encouraging comments. It's you who make me want to come back and post more freebies. Again, TY ALL for your support. I really do appreciate it. Without your comments, I would think no one likes my shares, and I would probably stop sharing them. I originally created this blog to share my LO's with my family and friends. Now I share anything I draw or create from scratch. See, it pays to say TY or nice work or whatever on occasion. LOL
Remember that when you download...just say HI..even! At least we know someone was there and cared enough to say so. :-)
Happy Scrapping!

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Michelle said...

Love all your pages Candie..You do wonderful work...Thanks for the credits too...WINK...HUGS to you and keep up all the hard but great work you do...
Crafty Scraps