More Great Freebies for You!

Wow, have I been busy!  And your guys get to reap the rewards...so to speak! LOL
Let me get started as there are a LOT of QP's and even more news for you all!

First; let me apologize to you all, for my delay in posting my part2 portion of the SKC Challenge going on.  You see, every other week we [the participants] share part-1 [papers], part-2 [frames, journaling, notions, etc], part-3 [all embelishments and remaining pieces] and for part-4 we make QP's [quick pages] to go with the kits we all have made for this challenge.  So, by the end of the 2-month [8-weeks] you should have a MEGA KIT!  And I do mean MEGA KIT!  Depending on how many designers participate and how big their portions are. LOL  So, it's not too late for you to join in.  You still have time to get in on the DESIGNING of this kit.  This kit's theme is "Falling in Love".  It is so pretty, at least what I have seen is.  Anyway, my point is, I missed sharing my PART-2 with you all, so guess what, since we are in the process of doing PART-3, I am giving you both parts today!  HUH? huh?...How do you like those "apples"?  LOL  Just click on the DOWNLOAD button below the previews to get the download links.  Make sure you get ALL of the downloads.  [If there is more than one download for the parts shared, you will see a download button for each part. (NO DUPLICATES and no other share sites, just one...lol)


Be sure you download BOTH to get all of the pieces! *wink*



Part-3b [alpha]

Don't forget to come back in a couple of weeks for the final parts. :-)

Second; I am also in a Quick Page Collection Challenge that I did for Digital Scrap Station.  Talk about an awesome kit!
It's not your usual cutsie or dainty type kit...it's a NORMAL LIFE type of kit and I LOVE it!  It's pretty and nicely done!  Here's a preview of the kit, Farmer's Market, that you will get to use, if you decide to participate!
FARMER'S MARKET_by Scrappy Cats
The kit was made by Scrappy Cats, and a wonderful designer!   I made the QP first and then decided to make a LO for myself as well.  I really like it, and  since it's made of farm items, I decided to use it for one of my Scrapbook Recipes.  Yep, I scrapped my Pretzel Salad recipe.  I got this recipe from my neace, Marilyn,  while she was back here on her vacation.  
Here's a preview of the recipe page 

Remember to click on the QP's preview below, if you want the QP.

and since I had to make an 8-inch x 8-inch for the challange, here's the QP in that size for that too.
again, click on the preview for the download link. :-)

Be sure you hurry over to the DSS forum to get this FREE kit and make your own memories come to life!  Or you can do like me and make your own recipe pages! LOL

Third; I want to tell you about the Recipe Card Challenge going on over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  Yep, I have been playing along since April, and LOVING every recipe I have made and received!  It is NOT too late for you to hurry on over and get started.  Our Challenge leader had surgery yesterday, and needs some LOVE.  How about it, get on over there, join the fun and the Theme for this month is GET WELL or COMFORT foods.  Wish Maurine a speedy recovery while you are there.  I know she will love it! *wink*  I haven't made anything yet, but here is a preview of the kit we are using this month to make the Recipe cards with.

And now Last but certainly not least, the best is yet to come!  LOL  Yes, I am CT'ing for Crafty Scraps an I have been a busy little beaver. LOL  I have quite a few QP's to share with you today and I want to remind you to get over to Crafty Scraps Blog to get started.  Yes, The HFD Challenge is still going on.  But it is coming to an end really soon...so hurry!  You won't want to miss out on this Challenge.  It is so EASY to find the pieces from each designers blog and then...well, go visit Michelle at Crafty Scraps Blog and find out.  You will be so GLAD you did. *wink*  HINT...you just might pick up a few FREEBIES while you are there, too!
OK.. first, I made a LO [layout] using Crafty Scraps kit, Turkey Feathers.
Yep, it's as cute as it sounds! LOL

It is in the store now...and I do believe if you spend $5 or more in purchases, you can get this cute kit absolutely FREE!  Yep, you heard me.... FREE!! Here is the preview of the LO I made for myself
These are 3 of my 6 grand-babies.  Aren't they cute?!  Of course I think so, I'm their Mamaw! LOL

Yes, I made a QP to share with you, too.  You can click on the QP's preview for the download link. :)

I also made a LO for myself using another of Crafty Scraps kits, called; WILSON.
Isn't this a PRETTY kit?  I love it...and I am NOT a PINK fan, but I love this one!

Here's a preview of the LO I made,
This is a picture of the 50ty anniversary cake...YUMMMMY!!
If you would like the QP I made, just click on the preview below for the download link. :-)

NO, I'm not finished, are you tired of clicking?  LOL  Ahhh, shake it out, and let's get started. :-)
Now let me tell you, this kit is so darn cute...but then I am a sucker for gingerbread people. LOL  Yes, you guessed it, I made a LO using another of Michelle's cute kits.  This one is called; Ginger Bake and here's a preview of this kit...

Here's a preview of the LO I made for myself.  Got y'a...it is not a LO of people!  LOL  I used it to make my Lasagna Recipe for my Cookbook! LOL  Here's a preview of the recipe page.

Of course this is not a good page for a QP/LO...so I made a second version for that purpose.
I used some of the photos I took at the 50th Wedding Anniversary, Bob & Viva seems to liked it! :-)
And if you want the QP I made from this kit just click on the preview below for the download link.

Another kit I used to make a LO again, for myself, is called Across the Border.  Now this one is really cute, too!  They all are! LOL  Here's a preview of this kit;

and here is a preview of the LO I made...

If you want the QP I made you can click on the QP preview for the download link. :-)

And finally...yes...this is the last one for today...lol  I made a beautiful LO for my brother's 50th Wedding Anniversary and want to share the LO I made with you.  This one has the frame my sister and I gave them for one of their gifts, it has their original WEDDING photo on the left and the 50th photo on the right.  You'll see.

This kit is called A Woman's Little Touch and it is so pretty!  Dainty, if you will.   Here's a preview of this kit.
A Womans Loving Touch

If you like what you see and would like this QP to make your own memories, you can grab it by clicking on the QP preview for the download link.

Well, I think that is about all I have for you for today...enough to last you until next time, right?  Besure you visit these sites and get in on these AWESOME challenges...and maybe you can SHARE with me!
Take care and until next time, be good and May God Bless You and Yours and keep you all SAFE! *hugs*


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 1 post on Sep. 09, 2012. Thanks again.

Donna said...

Thanks so much for the great kit! I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving a nice comment.
You do have some beautiful grandkids. Are they wonderful! I only have 5 but I love them to pieces!
Hugs Donna

Candie said...

Thank you so much Donna! I too, love your site. You have some beautiful pages of your family! I enjoyed looking through each one! I also "SNAGGED" some of your quotes! LOL I read the SISTERS one to my own sister and she LOVED it! Keep up the great work, you do an awesome job! :-) I hope you will drop in again, soon. :-) TY for letting me know you were here. <3