Monster Smash Delite [badge holder kit]

HI! Did you miss me? NO? I sure missed you all. LOL

I have been really busy, as you will see in a minute. I have a lot to share with you today, including great news about a fantastic SALE!

That's right! I was given permission by one of my favorite designers and script writers to design this HALLOWEEN kit and use more elements from the same designer, than the standard amount usually allowed. Thanks so much Deb. Yep, you got it, it's Deb of DeBee DeZines.

As I mentioned earlier, she has a fantastic sale going on until the 10th of October. Here, read about it for yourselves... and make sure you head over there after you finish here! :-)


Now that is what I call SAVINGS! Over 1/2 off the original prices! And there is sooooo much to choose from. Make sure you don't miss this sale!

FIRST OF ALL...I want to give A Special Thanks to Deb of Debee DeZines _for the awesome scripts she writes and letting me use some of them in this kit.
The Scripts I used in this kit [and they are on sale now, too], are as follows......
1. Vinyl Record
2. My Aster II
3. Jolly Chest (from her Pirates series)
4. Hanging Tag
5. Halloween Spider
6. Halloween Headstone
7. Gone Batty
8. Castle
9. Butternut Pumpkin
10. Block Border 01
Now...here's the deal... I made most of this kit today by using Deb's scripts.
There were a couple of other scripts of Deb's that I used in my kit design, but are NOT released as of yet, so you can't get them yet...They only worked in PSP11 and up, but be patient, I'm sure Deb will get the QUIRKS worked out soon...she always does. *wink*
Cross your fingers and keep watching, you just never know if 'n when she'll do that! *wink*

So, again, I just want to say, "Thanks Deb for allowing me to use so many of your scripts to make this Halloween Badge Holder kit".

You can purchase these scripts and more at any one of Deb's locations...
(Pssst... you'll want to pay close attention to the "debeedezines.com" location...YOU WILL be able to SAVE BIG, when you shop there!...TRUST ME!~Check it out for yourself!)

Oooops...I almost forgot...you're waiting for the kit! FYI...I tried to design it to be KID FRIENDLY, so I hope it doesn't scare any of the little ones. :-) Look for yourself and see what you think...

My new kit is called Monster Smash Delite

and of course there's the Papers...lol [we wouldn't want to forget those, now would we?]

and today, if you are still reading, you will find there is a SPECIAL "gift" for you that goes with this kit. *wink*.
I used a script from ALO Designs to make the pumpkin, and an action by Atomic Cupcake for the stamp/sticker transparent effect... and to Jules' Junk for her awesome sunflower script! TY all!

Here's the ALPHA to go with your new kit..

FOR PSP version

FOR PSD version

Now...HURRY up...go check out all of the BARGAINS at the Treasured Scraps store...
OH! and a little FYI for you... Check out DeBee DeZines personal store for even MORE SAVINGS! :-)

That's right, you heard me [there's NO MIDDLE 'man" to pay, so you get the savings passed on to you! And best of all, when you visit each of the stores, you won't want to forget to snag all of those wonderful FREEBIES while you are there, too! *wink*

Here are the LINKS to all of Deb's stores..
(you can also find them in the Thank You note included in my zip, too)...

And now...if you've gotten this far...I will tell you this much...if you will send me a PRIVATE email at cm09creations.gmail.com or leave me a comment on the left side of my blog in my C-Box...to tell me you would like the FULL version of the Monster Smash Delite kit... I will send you the link the FULL SIZED kit...it's based on 8x8 inches at 300 pixels per inch (ppi). If I get enough requests, I just might zip it up and share with you here on my blog. :-) So...send those EMAILS or leave those COMMENTS. LOL
Have a great Weekend, what's left of it...and God Bless you all.

OH! I almost forgot! We are definitely MOVING again in NOVEMBER sometime. That means I won't be around much. So...if you don't hear from me, you'll know why. I did manage to get a FEW freebies made ahead...so maybe I'll find time to do a QUICK post...and I do mean QUICK. :-) Keep checking back. Anyone want to come and help me??? I'm open for takers...rofl. See you when I see you...and don't forget to COMMENT. *wink*

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