"JUST FOR JAZZIE"_calling all Designers

I know, I said I would post yesterday, but, I steam cleaned carpets all day instead of playing in PSP. :-(
That's ok, at least my carpets are clean and my house smells freah!...
I did manage to get you a little something finished today...so if you like what you see, just click on the preview to download. I'm sorry, this link is no longer available.

He's not much, but he's kind'a cute, don't y'a think? I tubed him last night and finished him this morning. (he has a transparent background and he is in PNG format, only the preview has a background)
He hags on my front door and I change the elements [that he holds] with the seasons. This one of course, is for summer.
OH...I can't find the little saying that goes with the "britches" but it something about "Remove my stitches to do your DISHES" Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'll have to look that up. LOL
I thought this would be great on your LO's of summer outings or picnics. Even for the EASTER LO's, too!

Keep watching, because I plan to tube all the elements that goes with him, as well...and I will only offer them for 24-48 hours, too. There is a reason for all this ONLY 24-48 hours, thing...trust me. :-)

Have a great weekend, what's left of it and this download will be gone after tomorrow (Monday).
See you sometime next week or weekend! :-)

Oh, my, where does one start? Have you heard yet? Have you been to Jazzie's blog? Oh, if you haven't you really should go. After I read her "heartbreaking" story, I KNEW, I had to try and do my share to help in any way I could. A very good friend of mine, Michelle, of Crafty Scraps sent out a wonderful idea, calling for all designers who wanted to, to design a kit, [or whatever] and donate it to the Crafty Scraps Store to have 100% of all of the proceeds to go to the Jazzie Charity. What a great idea! I say, God Bless each and every one of you who has pitched in to help her out. :-) Now, Let's do OUR part and get on over to the Crafty Scraps Store and grab up some of those WONDERFUL kits for ourselves. When you get there, just look in the column on the LEFT HAND side, under "Charity Projects" headed as 'JUST FOR JAZZIE'....and plan on shopping a while...there are a LOT of kits and such to choose from. TY to all of you who did and who will be making purchases. It is greatly appreciated! [wink] Here's a preview of my kit I made JUST FOR JAZZIE Charity...

You know,Funny thing is, I can make decent LO's and QP's...but I completely STINK when it comes to making KIT PREVIEWS...lol TY Michelle for making this one for me! Isn't she great?!!! [M'wah]

On the lighter side, I have been so busy this week. I wasn't so sure I was going to get to do my blog! LOL Michelle over at Crafty Scraps, is a VERY busy lady, too and she still manages to have the time to share some great goodies with you! OH! If any of" you missed the Day at the BEACH QP's" that I gave away last week, guess what, Michelle at Crafty Scrps is offering them at her blog this week....but don't delay...you just might miss them again! LOL
She has so much more to offer besides my QP's...lol...and she's even got an awesome game that has just started, happening over there, too!
Who wants to go SCAVENGER HUNTING???
Spssssst....Here's a CLUE for you...susssssssh, don't tell! [wink] You didn't hear it from me....hehehehehee

Did I hear someone say "ME"!!! LOL
Well then, what are you waiting for??? Hurry, head on over to Michelle's blog,at Crafty Scraps and read all about it. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!
OH...and be sure you pick up those GREAT QP's she's giving away, too, from the "July QP Challenge"!
They are real Cuties! [wink] Congratulations to the TOP 3 winners. You all earned it! I hope you like your consolation prize, too! [wink]

I don't have any 'fresh' FREEBIES for you at this time...and I'm so sorry about that...maybe if all goes well, I'll have one tomorrow. You'll just have to come back to see. LOL
I am working on something, but it's not quite finished yet.
OH, NO! I will NOT forget YOU, my readers, there will always be something here for you...maybe nothing big...then again, you never know about me. If I have some extra "play" time on my hands, you will get a nice freebie...if not...maybe not so nice or maybe NOTING... LOL [just kidding...hehehee]

Keep your fingers and toes crossed...and be sure to keep checking back this weekend... I will only leave them up for 24 hours [maybe 48 tops], before sending them to the Crafty Scraps Store. Kind'a like a "first come, first serve" thing. LOL

OH... a little FYI for those of you who are interested in what I'm working on next.... I am already working on MORE pieces for the Day at the Beach kit (or maybe just another new 'nautical' kit, we'll see). It's coming along very nicely...and I hope to get it done in the next couple of weeks.
Hey, what can I say, I'm OLD and.... I babysit all day. LOL Besides that, I am usually beat by the time they go home. LOL But I love them and all the special times we have together, good and bad... lol

I like to relax by drawing in PSP using vectors and shapes...so that's why there's been so many creations from me these past few days / weeks.
Sometimes my back won't let me sit here for very long, so then I just have to call it a night. But if I can stand it, any at all...you will catch me here, drawing.

HINT... my son has sketched me some adorable "toon" like nautical characters and I am trying to re-create them using vectors...wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it!...lol
I've done 2 characters already...and they look pretty cute to me! I would show you, but then, that would be a dead give-a-way...lol You'll just have to wait and see. (Gott'a keep you wanting more...right? lol)

I hope you all have a great weekend...and as I said...keep checking back...you just might be glad you did! lol
See you soon...now go shopping! lol

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