Good Morning. and some FREEBIES!

I am so sorry to be so late posting. I try to get this done by Friday and post it on Saturday. I am babysitting for 4 for my grandkids and that is a BUSY job. I also have been working on finishing up on my "Day at the BEACH2" kit. It's finished, I think...but I definitely see an ADD-On to this one. LOL This will co-ordinate well with the "Day at the BEACH" kit, [my first kit]. LOL
BTW, I sold at least one of this one, if not more. I am told I have sold 3-kits in a week!!!
TY all, for your support and encouragement. I just am NOT sure that is what I want to do, yet. I am doing a "testing the water" thing right now. We'll see. I would much rather make kits, when I can and want to and then sharethen with my readers, rather than feel I have to, because then it feels more like a JOB. lol
Then it's no longer fun to create but a MUST, for me anyway. lol I'll let you know when I decide. lol
I really appreciate all your encouragement...or maybe I might not have tried to sell my work. So it's YOUR FAULT! LOL Just kidding. It's the PUSH I needed so much...and I Thank You!! [HUGZ]

Ok...I have a couple of items for you today. Starting with a Freebie. I started out just MAKING the items I needed to create a LO for the Color Challenge going on over at STONE ACCENTS, [Ummm, I think you have to register to get in]. lol But it's WELL worth it if you do!! Hurry, it's not too late...here's what you get just for participating...

BOO of BLD even gives you this BEAUTIFUL kit to do the LO with, unless you don't want to make your own...[like someone we won't mention her name...but her initials are "CM"! LOL]

Isn't this a gorgeous kit? Two for doing a LO! You can't beat it... OH...and if you haven't already, remember to sign up for the SAS Newsletter, so you don't miss out on these great challenges! Check them all out, this is only ONE of many! Just click the SAS NEWSLETTER link and then SIGN UP for the UPDATES..you won't miss ONE newsletter! lol
Here's the LO I made from the color chart for this challenge.
[for those of us who like a challenge...lmbo!]

and here's my LO
"My Dream Garden"
(can you see where the NAME came from?)

This is NOT one of my best LO's...but if you would like LO, you can grab the QP HERE

I will definitely be making another LO from the kit...I have added more to it since this LO was made. LOL
OH...I got the "Lora" Dress, Pink Rose Hat, Tire Swing and Sea Shells" tubes from my friend Steph [sjs]...she is a fantastic tuber! I love her tubes! I also used her "GRANDFATHERS pocket watch" for my TAG template. Thanks STEPH! You are so sweet to allow me to use your tubes in my kits!

I also used a GREAT script by...
Cassel @ www.doitdigi.com
for her awesome script_"Attached Ribbon"
This is the one with the tied ribbon around the frame! It makes the ribbon/ribbon knot and both rectangular and square frames! It's awesone! TY Cass, great script! I just chose the color/pattern and the script did the rest!
[I just love this FRAME and I added the Lora dress & Pink Rose Hat along with the TREE [I made...lol] and the Tire Swing...yes, it's all one piece! This is probably my favorite piece in this kit! lol
I haven't used scripts much, as I usually draw my own items by using vectors. But in a PINCH, these can be really nice! lol Always READ the TOUs when you snag them, though. :-)

I also wanted to mention the "Grunge Texture" I used for my background papers...no credit is required, but I like giving it just the same...it's the ...[CU] "prirocha_grungetextures_01". I used it as an OVERLAY over my background color and lowered the opacity to let the color come through. Great helpers these items....It's not like the OLD days when you had to draw everything from scratch. LOL
Now I can say, I KNOW how these desginers are whipping these kits out! lol Just kidding.
FYI....In case you didn't know this.....scripts are for Paint Shop Pro [PSP] users...and actions are for Photo Shop [PS] users... Just incase you ever wondered, LOL
They both do the same thing... just click a button... let it do the work for you...lol I'll still do my vector drawings, as that is my relaxing time. LOL Besides...LOOK MOM! I CAN DRAW now! lol Oh, onn paper...it's just another doodle [hehehee]...but using the vectors, it looks pretty good! LOL At least I think so. lol
Check this out... I drew this baby by HAND...well with vectors of course...[snickering]
Not my idea of a sand castle's colors...lol but matches the colors in the kit. LOL

I remember seeing something similar to this one somewhere...so I thought I'd try to remember what I saw and do it myself. I think I might be missing something.... so I think I will tweek this one too! LOL
Anyway... I have another goodie for you...then I need to get busy. LOL

First... let me tell you...if you have NOT been to Michelle's blog latels... PLEASE do... she is doing a special thing for her dear friend, Jazz...and I just think that is just so sweet of her. Michelle is like that, always thinking of others over herself. Now, that's the kind of friends you want, and are HARD to come by. Love ya Michelle! lol

Here's the prev of the kit Michelle made for Jazz...and it is for SALE in her store...[FYI_all proceedes from the kits designed for Jazz go to Jazz, isn't that great?]
Go to the Crafty Scraps Shop, Click under the "Charity Projects" section...and then click on the "JUST FOR JAZZ" tab to see the kits and make your purchases...PLEASE help her out...my heart goes out to her. I can't imagine going through what she has been through. Keep Jazz in your prayers too. [hugz]

Here's the kit preview...

Go visit her blog to get all the info on how to help Jazz..
and GRAB her FREEBIE papers while you are there!

Aren't these pretty? I love the SAND look! Thanks Michelle for sharing these! [wink]

Now...the freebie you all are waiting one, at least I hope you are...lol...
I did yet another QP...this one is using pieces from the DATB2 kit, actually from the SAMPLER...yep, going to give you a sampler, too. lol
The Sampler includes the pieces used to make this QP..Pssssst....[the QP is the preview...lol]..
This Sampler kit FREEBIE is no longer available, sorry...
You will be able to find it at the CRAFTY SCRAPS STORE soon.

and this QP is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I'm sorry if you missed it.
You will be able to find this an more At the Crafty Scraps Store, soon. I'll keep you posted. [wink]
AVAILABLE for 24 hours only (till sometime on MONDAY)
Are you confused yet? LOL

I also did a QP for you from the actual "DAY AT THE BEACH2" kit too!...needless to say, I have added much more to this kit since then...[YESTERDAY in fact]! lol

Here's a preview (BTW, one of which I HATE and will be re-doing it again! lol)

I was playing around with different ways to make a preview...and of course this preveiw does NOT show all the elements...it's just too big...maybe in the next preview. LOL You will be able to purchase the FULL kit at Crafty Scraps Store soon, when I get it finished and uploaded to Michelle!.... maybe this week soemtime...lol
I tell you, 4 kids and designing...hummmm, how do those girls do it? lol
I would LOVE to know their secret! lmbo!!

Here's the LO I made using the FREEBIE QP...
the Download is below this preview....

He tried, but she was too quick! lol Just call Destiny "SPEEDY"...I think she heard him! lol

and here's your QP prev...
The download for this QP
is no longer valid.
Please visit Crafty Scraps Store for this and more of my creations.
[available for 24 hours only, till sometime Monday]

If any of you use these QP's or the Sampler to make your own, I would LOVE to see it...and share it here on my blog...just click the EMAIL ME button on the top right to share with me...I'll post it here the next time I post. :-)

Don't forget, there are LOTS of great kits for sale at Michelle's store...be sure to check them out while you are getting Jazz's charity kits too! [hugz]. And don't forget, I now have 2 kits that I'm selling there, too! LOL A little PLUG for m'wa! lol

Have a great Sunday...and I might not have the time to post next week, then again, I just might! You'll just have to keep checking back to know for sure. [wink]
BTW... this SAMPLER freebie and the QP's are only good for download until Monday evening sometime... so SNAG it while you can.
After this, I plan to make any I make FREE for the weekends [Saturday-Sunday] about (24 + hours) in the future. LOL
See you all next time...be safe and enjoy life! Big HUGZ, to you all. :-)


Mandy (aka Joy4evermore) said...

I'm with you in wondering where they find time to create these wonderful kits and take care of everything else entailed in being a mom. And to think some of them have other jobs too! I have 6 kids and for the most part I have to try to create at night. But doing too much of that and I end up making too many mistakes not to mention I have no energy to deal with things during the day. Makes me appreciate even more the work put into the kits and the kindness shown by sharing some of them. So without further rambling...Thanks so much for sharing this sampler and QPs. Have fun with the grandkids!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 28 Jul [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm]).