Good Morning, it a beautiful morning it is!

I don't have a lot to say, except, there is a lot going on over at RAKs right now...and the March Challenge is AWESOME. There are actually ADD-ON kits being made! Yep, I was one to compete. So, for now, if you rush over there, you can snag mine and all the other LOVELY shares (addons) to this MEGA kit...and GRAB the March Mega kit while you are there!

Spsssst...it's still not too late to compete..you have till the end of the month! Go join in the fun! I hope to see your additions there, too!
You must be registered to be able to get these downloads! It's really EASY and well worth it!

Now...a little preview for what's to come from me... (a little birdie tells me maybe tomorrow..lol unless you snag it a RAKS first. lol)

Well, peeps, if you like this preview, head on over to RAKs now and snag it up...and all the other WONDERFUL kits while you are there. Located in the RAKs Forums...remember, you must be a Registered MEMEBER to access the files.
Take your coffee with you! lol

That's it for today, keep watching, the link will be posted here as well...soon! Don't forget to say Hello before you go!

Thank you all for your wonderful and most encouraging comments. It makes me want to do this again, and again..and again... LOL TY all! (big hugz!)

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grambie said...

SO nice to meet you for the first time. I am visiting from the Rak and downloaded your wonderful addition to the Members Mega Kit. Everything is just so beautiful and I really appreciate your joining in with your fabulous designs. Love all the ribbons and embellished frames with those lovely bows. I look forward to using this awesome kit. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO