What a Week! I have a QP freebie for you, too!

OM Gosh!  What a week this has been...well, it all started last Tuesday.  Anyway, LONG story short, I had to go with my hubby to the hospital, after his Dr's visit Wednesday afternoon.  As it turns out, his blood pressure was WAY TOO HIGH...to the point, she said take him to the hospital and admit him.  After many prayers (yes, prayers, that's what works :-), and many people sending them out, I am so thankful for each and every one!)  All of his tests and his vitals were all good by Thursday morning!  When the Dr came in to see him Thursday morning, she was amazed!  I was so thankful for the good news, and I KNEW the LORD was taking care of him.  He went for his STRESS test yesterday [Monday] and passed with flying colors!  Thank You Jesus!  His Dr said if he continues at this rate, he will be able to come off of the acumen-den (blood thinner), but he will probably have to stay on the heart med (keeps his heart regulated) and an anxiety pill for the rest of his life.  This is such great news!  He is all but in perfect health!  OH...and the best thing out of all of this, this incident scared him enough that he is NO LONGER SMOKING!  His doctor told him, either you quit, or your next stop will be the grave yard!  She couldn't put it more plain!  I just LOVE her, she is an awesome Doctor, and yes, she is compassionate and has a great since of humor too. :-)

Anyway, that was the biggest thing this past 7 days.  There were other issues, but I handled them and it's all working out.  I ask you........Where is MY STRESS PILL???? LOL

At the bottom of this POST you will find the QP I AM sharing from the SKC_TTTS challenge.  I apologize for my error in the last post.  I thought I had permission from ALL of the designers to share the QP I made, but I was wrong [I'm still waiting on 1-designer].  I am so sorry to both, you and the designers. :-(
Here's a preview of the QP I made using my own kit designs.
prev_Traveling to Tropical Sunsets QP02_by CMann
REMEMBER, you can download this one at the bottom of my post, more info on this below. :-)

And, I finally got time to make a QP from a kit that was shared for a challenge over at Digi Scrap Station, Once you get to the forum, just look for Quick Page Collection Game. :-)  Kathy is good about making sure you have at least 1 kit a month to use for these challenges, and the designers of the kits are AWESOME to share them with us.
Once you get the kit, you make a QP in return, for "payment" of the kit [so to speak...lol]...yep, it's that easy and it won't cost you a dime for the beautiful kits, just a little time!  OH..one more thing, you must share your QP on your blog, Always check the TOU included with the kits.  :-)
The kit I used this month is called VINTAGE AMERICA, and it is sooooo cool!  I love this kit.  It's made by Throwing Some Scraps Around [tssa] [Jodi Watson], and it's full of VINTAGE [old] elements too!
VINTAGE AMERICA [kit preview]

Anyway, I do hope you will check out the group at the Digi Scrap Station and if you don't want join the QP Collection Game, you might want to try some of the other challenges. :-)
Here's a Preview of the QP I made using the kit for this month, 
Vintage America QP01.
If you like this one and want it for your own PERSONAL USE, click the download button below. :-)

That's all I have for today, I haven't gotten all of the designer's permissions [as of this post] to share the QP I made in my last post. If and when I do, I will definitely re-share the QP.  Sorry, but my hands are tied on that one. :-(

The Recipe Challenge over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio is still going on!   Have you checked it out yet?
Once you are in the Forum, look for The DS Challenges, then look for the challenges for 2012 and then for the Recipe Card Challenge for that month.  LOL  It's really NOT that hard. :-)  OR just click on Recipe Card Challenge to take you there. :-)
There's still time to get in on the FUN!  I have seen some AWESOME recipes for this month!  I am so excited about getting these!  I can't wait!  Here's a preview of the cards I have made this month, I hope to get more before the end of the month.  We'll see. :-)
Angel Biscuits with HONEY

 Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie
The theme this month was for BREADS or any recipe that uses Peanut Butter or Honey in them.
Hurry, you don't want to MISS this one! :-)

OMG!!!  I almost forgot!  I also have a QP to share with you (2-actually..lol) that I made for the Challenge over at Scrap Kit Challenge [SKC].  Since I don't have all the Designer's permissions to share the 1st QP I made, I used my kit to make you a page.  There are 2-pages, one has a TIME STAMP on it and the other DOES NOT...they are both in the same zip, so you can do ONE download to get both.  Here's a preview and if you want this one, just click on the download button below the preview. :-)
Traveling to Tropical Sunsets QP02_cm'12
**as you can see, this one has the Time Stamp for Aug'08

As always, I would LOVE to see what you make from using my parts of these kits, but it is NOT necessary.  Just enjoy your downloads and have fun.  Remember, you can NOT share the KITS or any parts of the kit with anyone, send them to SKC over at Facebook to get their own downloads. :-)  
As far as I am concerned, you can use MY KIT pieces to design/make your OWN QP's and share them on your blog with others.  However,  you MUST keep the CREDITS document [provided with the download] with your share, please give credit where credit is due. :-)

That's all I have for you today.  As always, if you find an error or that I forgot something (and I might have as this was posted in a hurry), please let me know, so I can fix it. :-)
Have a wonderful Day and I will see you next time. :-)  May God Bless you and Keep you safe.  Come back to visit me again soon. :-)  I'm so glad you found the time to stop by. :-)

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